Natural Skincare Balms made with Australian Manuka Honey, Royal Jelly and Organic Essential oils

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QueenBEE Secrets is an Australian family owned company. Commencing in 2007 Diane Elliott discovered the secrets of the amazing healing properties held from her on farm beehives. Combining these secrets with her love of botanical oils Diane went on to develop a unique range of natural luxury balms. Today QueenBEE Secrets produces 11 different balms with the swarm of bee helpers as it expands further due to customer demand. The future looks bright for this small Australian company with their catch phrase. “Every household should have at least one QueenBEE SECRET in the cupboard”. Diane has a secret supply of Bee product and knows exactly where it comes from having had Beehives herself. This is an important factor when producing organic products. With Di’s background in Aromatherapy, specific botanical essential oils are then selected and combined with Royal Jelly and other natural ingredients to complete the process. Balms are lovingly blended and poured by hand. We believe the human factor in producing our products makes all the difference to the quality, energy and efficiency of our balms.

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I can see it working so well

I have been suffering from dry scaling itchy skin for about 6 months and was becoming uncomfortable using steroid cream every day to control the itching and the scaling skin. I tried other products like Emu oil and oatmeal creams, but they did not have a noticeable effect so I still had to use steroid cream as well.

I started to use Rapid BEE repair and within 2 weeks, the itching had significantly reduced.  After 4 weeks, the skin began to look remarkably better and now after 6 weeks the condition is stable and is completely under control.

Daily application of rapid BEE repair has completely replaced the use of steroids and this helps my peace of mind to use a natural product especially when I can see it working so well. As you recommended, the application of organic Jojoba oil is also very useful to manager healing. Many thanks for your advice and especially for your fantastic product.
Michael Payne

No more steroid cream

“My son had suffered for years with skin irrirations, we had tried every product on the market as well as regularly using steroid creams,  I met Di at the local markets in Caloundra about 2 years ago and stopped to chat with her about my sons severe  condition. She recommend a topical jojoba oil to be applied after the shower for the first week or so to kick start the treatment plan, also using the rapid bee repair cream.

We have had amazing results and he only needs to occasionally use the repair cream now if he has a mild flair up. I am so thrilled with this product and am amazed at the outcome and so thankful to no longer have to use steroid cream. I can’t recommend this product highly enough! Thank you Di, for producing your wonderful, natural creams and other products.”
Karen Ziber

An Australian Story

After suffering a serious illness in 1992 Diane decided there had to be a more natural way of caring for herself and her family.

Her journey led her to the study of Aromatherapy and after spending many years in country Australia she discovered the amazing health benefits held in her on farm bee hives. Combining the bee’s secrets with her love of botanical oils Diane went on to develop a unique range of balms to help soothe and moisturise irritated skin.

Di is happy in keeping her secrets in her balms. Pure and Natural and that’s a given.


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