Curious about QueenBEE Secrets? You should BEE! On this page you’ll find the answers to all of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t worry if the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, just send us your questions and we’ll do our best to be of assistance.

Can I take balms through customs (eg New Zealand)?


Do you deliver overseas?


How do I store Balm?

Simply keep in a cool dry place below 30c

How does Aromatherapy help?

Aromatherapy, pure essential oils have been in use for centuries as a natural healing element for body, mind and emotions. Pure essential oils and extracts are taken from plant material.

In our balms essential oils obtained from flowers and stems. We use various essential oils depending on the balm.

For example Rosemary is used to help circulation and relieve fluid retention. Peppermint is a stimulant and helps the system to get going so to speak.

How does BEE Radiant help my skin?

BEE Radiant is made with Patchouli essential oil which helps to clean up the skin. Add Rose essential oil and Rosehip oil for cell renewal and you have a fabulous natural night, day and hand treatment.

How long does delivery take?

Orders are despatched within 24 hours and delivery is 1-3 days depending on postcode. Express post code areas receive next day delivery within Australia.

How often should I apply Rapid BEE Repair to my problem area?

Generally two to three times per day is enough. Once improvement is obtained use as required.

Is it true that women say there is No Need for Botox with BEE Radiant?

YES, take a peek at some of our testimonials! Royal Jelly contains nutritional elements to assist Healthy skin. The most unusual element held in Royal Jelly is a substance that helps kickstart collagen. Many famous people swear by Royal Jelly including Princess Diana along with Cliff Richards and many more.

Is Royal Jelly balm safe for children?

Our product is all-natural and used by many children. For children under 1 yr of age we have Baby Buzz free of added Royal Jelly as most Bubs don’t need the extra nutrition for their skin. However, if you have concerns please consult us directly through email or phone.

What other ingredients are in your balms?

Certified Organic Botanicals and extracts together with Vitamin. E. Unrefined Australian beeswax, Manuka + Honey and certified organic Honey. Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Kernell Oil (from a sustainable plantation) and a small percentage of Peanut oil (refined with no proteins, important safety factor for peanut allergy sufferers). We also have certain balms with Grapeseed oil for those who are nervous about using refined peanut oil as well as Shea Butter for those that may have an allergy to Cocoa Butter. We try to cover everyone’s needs. Contact us for more information.

All ingredients are listed on the back of each balm with various botanicals depending on the product.

Why is QueenBEE only available online, through markets or specialist retail outlets?

QueenBEE Secrets is dedicated to producing a natural affordable product. To supply further afield would increase our conservative prices. Our aim is customer service. However as we grow in popularity we will extend our availability.

Will my daughter steal my BEE Radiant?

Yes please hide it if you want to stay looking radiant! We have lots of Mum’s telling us they have misplaced their balm to only find their BEEautiful daughters have taken them…..

What benefits does Royal Jelly have in skin balms?

Royal Jelly, in liquid form, is ingested all around the world as a supplement to assist in promoting good health by strengthening soft connective tissue for eg. internal organs. Those of us who are allergic to bee stings wouldn’t try to take it internally just to be on the safe side. However diluted in a balm with other added ingredients makes for a fabulous natural healthy skin alternative.

Our skin balms are applied topically and not ingested. Royal Jelly helps strengthen soft connective tissue therefore it only stands to reason it would assist stronger healthier skin and nails. The results over the years of making this product have been astounding. Take a look at our Facebook page to hear from happy users. Royal Jelly really is AMAZING!

What if I am allergic to Bees?

The balms are made of many different natural ingredients, Royal Jelly is just one. Over many years we have had no reports of allergic reactions as balms are applied topically and not ingested. I myself am allergic to bees and have several customers also allergic to a bee sting. Royal Jelly is a separate substance from a bee sting. Placing a balm on the skin surface is very different to actually ingesting Royal Jelly which is done throughout the world to maintain good health and longevity.

The best way for you to check if this product is for you, and this has been done by bee sting sufferers on many occasions, is to simply apply a small amount of balm to the sole of your foot. You will soon know if there is any reaction and if this product is for you. If you ever have any problems at all simply discontinue use and contact us for a refund.

What is Pantothenic acid?

Pantothenic acid converts to B5, essential in cell renewal. Fast wound healing and more.

What is Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is an amazing natural substance that is secreted by the bees to produce and feed queen bees for their entire life span. It is the highest natural source of pantothenic acid in nature which converts to B5, essential for cell renewal. It is rich in trace elements, Vitamins A,D,C,E, B complex and Vitamin K. Most importantly a high source of Amino Acids which help prolong the aging process.

One of the most fascinating substances within Royal Jelly is a substance that helps kick start and promote human collagen.

What is the shelf life of Balm?

Up to 3 years or more depending on storage. i.e below 30c At present, there are certain rules and regulations regarding labelling. We apply a minimum of 2 years shelf life however we usually find up to 5 years if you keep it that long. And if so, you probably have not used it to your best advantage.

Why is this so?

Royal Jelly is full of amino acids helpful in curbing the signs of ageing and assisting to strengthen skin structure. This in turn make lines less noticeable and in some cases disappear completely.

How to use our Balms

Balms are made as a solid form. To get the most out of them, follow these instructions.

  1. Using the spatula provided, scrape a small amount of balm onto the end of the spatula. Soften to the skin. Notice that as it warms, it spreads further. Do not massage, but smear onto your skin and allow it to penetrate for 1-ˇ2 minutes. If you have used too much. Simply wipe off the excess and apply elsewhere.
  2. For best results with our balms use vary depending on the severity of the skin condition. Decrease as skin improves and if problems persist seek medical advice.