Our Story

BEEing Aussie

Making the balms at QueenBEE Secrets is a hands-on process that’s been undertaken with love by our small family team here in Brisbane since 2004. Our inputs are sourced both regionally and Australia-wide from trusted suppliers so we can keep our skincare products 100% chemical-free. That’s important to us because we care about the products we make and the people we make them for. We’d like to believe that some of that energy comes through to you as well when you use our balms.

About Di: her story

Diane Elliott suffered a serious illness in 1992 that started her on a journey to find natural health and wellness solutions for herself and her family. Studying the amazing benefits of Aromatherapy was one of her first steps along this path.

In 2002 she purchased and developed a Lavender farm and was delighted to discover the treasure trove of healing properties hidden in the farm’s beehives. Before long she began to incorporate her findings into a powerful skincare balm that she initially produced for herself, her family and a few customers.

The year 2006 brought a dramatic change in circumstances for Diane. She found herself having to start from scratch in her mid-fifties but that miraculous little balm was a huge source of inspiration in such a trying time. She dug deeper with her research to learn precisely WHY her balm worked as well as it did and got to work bringing the secrets of the bees to a much wider audience.

With those secrets, a firm foundation in Aromatherapy and a genuine passion for wellness on her side, Diane went on to develop a unique range of natural luxury balms known as QueenBEE Secrets. Today she and her swarm of bee helpers produce 14 different balms with plans to add more as customer demand grows. After all, every household should have at least one QueenBEE SECRET in the cupboard!

QueenBEE Secrets remains an Australian family-owned company run by Diane and her daughter Tiffany. They hope to pass this legacy of pioneering life-changing natural skincare solutions on to the next generation of the family in time.

What’s our Skincare Secret?

At QueenBEE Secrets, all of our balms are handcrafted in Australia using 100% natural ingredients selected with care based on years of research and results.

Chief (or Queen) among our ingredients is Royal Jelly, the nutritional powerhouse bees feed to their queen and young. Research by the European Journal of Dermatology has found Royal Jelly to be the only known source of 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10-HDA), a natural fatty acid that significantly increases skin cell renewal and skin hydration.

Other nutrients in Royal Jelly include:

10 Essential Amino Acids

Vitamins A, D, E, C and K

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant Rutin

19 Proteins for Skin cell renewal

18 Skin resurfacing Enzymes

Anti-ageing Vitamin B Complex

Moisturising and Anti-Inflammatory Pantothenic Acid

Collagen-enhancing Gelatin

Collagen-enhancing Silicon

And 28 Assorted additional elements

Working together these components make Royal Jelly a powerful ally as you work towards maintaining beautiful, healthy and youthful skin naturally.

Aromatherapy with Pure Essential oils for Body, Mind & Spirit

At QueenBEE Secrets, we have incorporated certified organic essential oils with Royal Jelly into several of our balms. These include:

Organic Australian Lavender Essential Oil

Organic Australian Lemon Scented Eucalyptus Oil

Organic Patchouli Essential Oil

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

Organic Rose Essential Oil

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosehip Oil

And more! (see individual product info)

Using the age-old practice of Aromatherapy, we’re able to blend our holistic skincare products, many of which produce rapid results.

What makes Organic Beeswax from the AUSTRALIAN bush so special?

Unrefined beeswax contains traces of Propolis, Honey and Pollen collected from plant material from our clean and green Australian bush. Together, these add to the bacteria-fighting properties found in our Aussie beeswax.

Why do we use Australian MANUKA Honey?

Good question! We use the world’s strongest Australian Manuka honey in our products. It’s derived from forests and heathlands of the beautiful Northern Rivers region and is TGA Licenced (AustL338214).

This incredible honey has been independently tested by three factories and found to contain Methylglyoxal (MGO), Dihydroxyacetone(DHA) and Leptosperin, the key beneficial compound essential in bio-active manuka honey, known to assist wound healing.

Australia’s Manuka is also high in phenolic compounds and antioxidants that improve immunity, reduce inflammation and free radical damage. These compounds have been scientifically proven effective over the last 30 years in treating many internal and external conditions. With all these natural healing elements Manuka Honey is used widely for wound healing and more today.

We’re both honoured and delighted to work with Australia’s MANUKA Honey and offer its healing and soothing properties to you and your family.

Our Mission

To produce effective pure and natural Australian products for the world using Australian content

Handcrafted with care and love. Thoughtfully created and blended with the intention of providing a natural alternative to soothe, protect and repair for all the family

Our business is family-based and run with passion and joy in helping others

To use Australian content and support Australian beekeepers

Money is not our goal but the means to be able to be the difference by supporting an amazing organization, McGrath Foundation

Our values

Honesty and Integrity never fail
Family values for all
Personal and caring approach in all communications
Respect and support of those that serve
Individual responsibility
Joyfulness in our workplace and community

What’s the Buzz from our satisfied customers?

Rapid BEE Repair

“I am absolutely in love with your products, in particular Rapid BEE Repair. My sister suffers from Psoriasis and unfortunately had it really bad, it covered her skin head to toe. She was on special medication, ointment and diet, the works and it was expensive. My sister came across your stall at Eumundi Markets in Queensland and took some home to try. It was Amazing. It took away the itch and inflammation almost instantly giving her much needed relief. Over the next few weeks, her skin became clearer and clearer. Now she keeps it on her at all times using anytime she has a flare-up and it helps to prevent a breakout. Needless to say, I was amazed and decided to try it for myself. I now use it for dry skin head to toe, shaving rashes ingrown hairs, and on my lips. I too have sensitive skin and Break out with psoriasis and eczema. My son who is now three and my daughter who is 7 months are also mad users as they too have sensitive skin and are allergic to cut grass. washing powders and such things I rub a little on and they are all good with no itching which means no open wounds. HEAVEN. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful products that are sensitive to our skin and our earth.”

A. Jones

Love all the products but especially Rapid BEE Repair

“Hi, I forgot to add my comment when I placed my order. My sister first bought your product about 11 years ago from a market in Brisbane. She got me on to it and I loved it. I had forgotten all about it until your email arrived this morning and that triggered me to think I definitely needed it for my poor over sanitised hands. I’m so looking forward to getting my pack. I am also sending some to my sister who has been living in the UK for the past 7 years and desperately needs care packages from home at the moment. Thank you so much.”

R. Bullock.

Bush BEE gave instant relief

“Hi, I was walking around Eumundi Markets one day and stumbled across your amazing product line. I was bitten walking around in open shoes. The relief from using Bush BEE was instant. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk and applying your product allowed me to continue enjoying my catch up with Mum. Sincerely grateful as prefer natural products and considering an ant bite alone can be hot to the touch and painful and itchy for days usually, this stuff is amazing. Thank you once again.”

Janelle M. – Carina Heights

Rapid BEE Repair for radiotherapy

“Thank you for your great product Rapid BEE Repair My Burns after 6 weeks of radiotherapy on my chest wall and neck has now healed with absolutely no trace of it ever happening. I have only been using the Rapid BEE Repair for 8 days now. All the creams and gels and dressings given to me from the hospital didn’t have such a healing impact like your product. Such a great buy which has let me get on with my normal life so much quicker.”

Rachel B.

My skin is now GLOWING

“I Love QueenBEE Secrets products, especially the BEE Radiant rejuvenating Balm. I use it for my 64-year-old face. It moistures and soothes my dry skin. My skin is now glowing and more youthful-looking! I also discovered a wonderful side effect. My soft peeling fingernails have grown and no longer peel. My hands are soft and more youthful-looking too. Thank you so much.”

Barbara E.

Nothing holds a candle to Rapid BEE Repair says Brian

“Hi Di, Brian here, I’ve been using your products for a very long time now. I suffered psoriasis and Dermatitis and nothing natural holds a candle to your Rapid BEE Repair. I will be a lifetime user. It has helped me immensely I only get a little from time to time now and grab your tin and apply and within no time it’s settled. You really know your stuff about Royal Jelly, guess it’s all the years of experience. I really appreciate your products.

Thanks so much!”

Brian – Rockhampton

BEE Active works a treat

“I recently went to Eumundi and bought BEE Active which has helped my Arthritis immensely. My fingers are still a little stiff but no pain in just 4 days. I will be telling friends and family and buying more.

Thanks so much!”

J. Pearson – Yeppoon

Sunspots cleared

“Hi Di, My husband had a severe-looking sunspot on his face which the Dr said would have to be taken off. He starting using Rapid BEE Repair and they have nearly all gone. and NO Surgery is now required. Thanks so much for a great product.”

Karen N. – WA