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NEW  Great Value Pack for Travellers.

For those that fly here and overseas this compact little unit is an absolute must.
All products in a new size 20g so perfect for taking onboard.

BEE Snoozie – Relaxation balm to help you sleep away the hours and calm those in flight nerves.

BEE Active Circulation and pain relief balm. Use this before boarding to ward off thrombosis and fluid retention. Apply every 4 hours to calves and ankles. May also be useful for headache.

BEE Kissable – No dry lips when you keep them moist while flying and throughout your travels and help ward off infection. An added effect of this little gem.

Drink plenty of water and move about regularly. If you follow these guidelines and use the above you will step off the flight feeling FABULOUS!

Great value 


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Weight 75 g

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