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Anti Wrinkle

Of course, we all want to age gracefully, but there’s nothing wrong with slowing the whole process down a bit and looking our best along the way, is there? Queen Bee Secrets’ range of anti-wrinkle products is as far from a knife, syringe or acid peel as possible, featuring gorgeous oils like neroli, rose and vetiver, which have been used down the ages to maintain skin health and beauty. The range leaders, Beeautiful Eyes and Bee Radiant, are also available together as the Bee Radiant gift pack, or you could opt for the Camellia and Rosehip Serum, rich in Vitamin E and Rose absolute essential oil. Or try the Mandarin and Green Tea exfoliant, so gentle yet effective. Exfoliating is just as important to more mature skin as it can help to prep the skin and absorb more active ingredients.

Bug Bites

Living in Australia means you have to contend with some serious bugs! Thankfully, Mother Nature saw fit to arm the continent with one of the planet’s best repellents – the eucalyptus tree. It’s the 100% Australian organic lemon scented eucalyptus oil in Queen Bee Secrets’ Anti Bug Balm, combined with gentle lavender, that does the trick. Not only does the eucalyptus help to discourage those mozzies from landing on you in the first place, if you do get biten or stung then the lavender is there to soothe and heal the welt or bite. This amazing balm comes in either a 25g tin or a 50g tin if you really hate bugs!

De Stress

Go straight from distress to de-stress with Queen Bee Secrets’ Bee Snoozie Relaxation Balm. This balm contains the essential oils of valerian, sweet marjoram, bergamot and lavender, used for centuries to soothe and calm the mind and to promote restful sleep. All of these ingredients are 100% organic and natural and come in a 20g tin, just right for keeping in the bedside drawer or the handbag for those stressful times at work. The valerian oil in this balm means it’s only suitable for adults, as valerian has quite a profound sedative effect – you should only use Bee Snoozie sparingly if you’re out and about or you could find yourself nodding off in that meeting!

Dry Irritated Skin

When it comes to skincare, Queen Bee Secrets comes into its own! Only the very best, 100% organic, essential oils and bases go into the soothing and healing preparations and there’s a recipe for everyone. The flagship product in this range has been Rapid BEE Repair for the past 10 years with Royal Jelly, lavender and beeswax, but there’s also the Bee Pure and the NEW kid on the block BEE Skin Recovery containing Australian Manuka Honey and all natural ingredients for severe skin conditions including dry flaky skin. The range includes Body wash and jojoba oil.

Teens with troublesome skin can make good use of the range’s acne set, which features Rapid Bee Repair, jojoba oil and the honey-infused Bee Pure Bodywash. There’s also the Damaged Skin Kit, which combines Rapid Bee Repair and jojoba oil. Tins are available in 25g or 50g sizes and the jojoba oil comes in a 50ml bottle.

BEE Skin Recovery comes in a 200ml container and is a soft superior moisturizing balm developed for Red Skin Syndrome and also very beneficial to all skin types.

Lip Care

Lips are important – they perform a lot of functions and it’s vital that they look good and feel healthy. There’s nothing more maddening than tight, dry and even painful chapped lips and the temptation to keep licking them is hard to resist, which is unfortunate, as this only makes things worse.

It’s a good job, then, that QueenBEE Secrets has its chemical free but tough lip care duo – Bee Kissable and Bee Honey Kissed. This pair gets straight to work to calm and heal sore lips, as well as to protect them from the elements and the rigours of daily life. Available in 20g tins, these balms contain manuka honey and other special ingredients sourced from the Australian Bush to make sure your lips are ready to face the world.

Mother & Baby

If you’re pregnant or have just had a baby, then using gentle, natural and 100% organic products on your skin – and on your baby’s skin – is more important than ever. QueenBEE Secrets has it all covered, with a range of maternity and baby products for use during and just after pregnancy, as well as on your precious little one’s body. There’s the Body BEE Smooth anti stretchmark balm (for post-natal use only) with juniper, ginger, lemon and lavender oils in a rich royal jelly base, or the gentle Baby Buzz balm with lavender, pawpaw and jojoba oils to calm and moisturise that lovely new skin and protect from nappy irritation.

Muscle & Joint Relief

Liniments have certainly come along quite a way in recent years! The BEE Active Muscle Rub from QueenBEE Secrets smells better, that’s for sure, packed as it is with arnica, rosemary, peppermint and lavender oils. Arnica has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and bruising and the benefits of peppermint, lavender and rosemary for draining fluid and relieving sore muscles are well-known. For all-purpose soothing and healing, there’s the BEE Natural Travel Pack, comprising Rapid BEE Repair, BEE Active and Bush BEE balms, perfect for bush, sea and sand. Bee Active comes in either 25g or 50g tins, while the travel trio come in dinkier 25g tins.

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