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NEW Look Coming Soon. (due April 2021)

At QueenBEE Secrets we strive to give our customers the best possible quality at the most cost effective price. We use only Active Jelly Bush Honey (Australian Manuka)scientifically tested for the best MGO . Our team have been working hard to produce the perfect recyclable container for our fabulous BEE Skin Recovery as the original is no longer available .This new look will hold 300ML and will be available at no extra cost in April.  BEE-cause we want you to have the BEST!

Until then we have a new size 220ml in a temporary recyclable container . That’s an extra 20ml plus we have reduced the price to give our customers extra value for money while we wait. ¬†We are sure you will love our new look in April . It speaks of quality, golden honey and healing and easy to use. BEE Skin Recovery has helped hundreds if not thousands of people here and overseas for the past 4 years and we love being able to give back. Thanks to all who share their stories.¬†

Australian MANUKA Honey(Jelly Bush Honey) +20 + 850MGO medicinal grade. Now in 220ML. Soothing Relief Balm -Superior moisturiser. Suitable for normal to dry skin in maintaining HEALTHY skin . 

BEE Skin Recovery balm was formulated some 4 years ago for a 13 yr old girl who suffered topical steroid withdrawal and the results were quick and astounding.   The unique and secret formulation developed by Di the founder of QueenBEE Secrets is why BEE Skin Recovery achieves such great results.

How was this developed?

Di reached out to scientists at the University of Queensland and discovered Australian Jelly Bush Honey was found to hold higher grade activity than other Manuka Honey. Di went on to formulate this balm using Jelly Bush Honey supplied from Australian Bee Keepers along with 100% Natural ingredients. It is the unique process of formulation, which Di developed, that makes this balm achieve great results.  The moisturising effects of BEE Skin Recovery are significant and help torn skin to sooth giving instant relief. BEE Skin Recovery has gone on to help so many others.

Read how this product came about on our Blog post . or Scroll down to see recent results sent from Kaz

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What makes BEE Skin Recovery different from the rest.

Australian MANUKA – Active Jelly Bush Honey. +20- 850 MGO medicinal grade. Sourced from our own Aussie BEE Keepers.

BEE Skin Recovery Soothing Relief Balm  is a superior moisturiser. Suitable for normal to dry skin in maintaining HEALTHY skin

This rich nourishing moisturiser is full of goodness. Used extensively now for 4 years with amazing results. We have added some extra secrets just for you.This Aussie product is rich in Jelly Bush Honey(Manuka Honey). Medicinal hospital grade 850 MGO +20 and higher at times straight from our Aussie Apiarists fresh from the farm. Manuka Honey known for wound healing and anti bacterial benefits. Formulated by Di the founder using her skills in Aromatherapy. Formulated in a specific way to retain all the goodness is another secret to this amazing product and cannot be replicated without this unique process. Results speak for themselves.

Our story

QueenBEE Secrets founder Diane Elliott developed BEE Skin Recovery balm for a 13 yr old girl who suffered topical steroid withdrawal back in 2017. Di used her skills in Aromatherapy going back some 25 years to produce this safe and effective skin balm for such a condition. This young girl suffered for years until she found Di and QueenBEE Secrets. Within 6 months she had her life back and could move on to her teenage years.

BEE Skin Recovery has gone on to help so many others with different skin conditions.  Kaz sent us these photos on 3rd September,2020 and within 11 days you can see the difference. Her feet fully restored in 20 days. You can read her story on our blog also.

Why is it so good?

Australian Manuka Honey is very high in antibacterial properties. With an MGO of 820 it is widely used for wound healing amongst other things. Long held in high esteem Manuka Honey is well known yet our very own Australia’s Manuka Active Jelly Bush Honey is now coming to the fore. ¬†In recent times ¬†higher grades of activity in the Jelly Bush Honey have been established with scientist researching it’s amazing anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and healing properties. We use Australian Jelly Bush Honey direct form our Aussie Apairists, But this secret isn’t just the only one. It’s how WE MAKE IT that makes it so unique and successful. ¬†
  Feet restored in 20 days                            After 11 days     3 DAYS IN TO USING BEE SKIN RECOVERY

You can also check out how this product saved one Man’s career by going to our BLOG POST – another amazing story, we are so grateful for the bees.¬†

Contains 100% Natural ingredients. –¬†Australian Manuka (Jelly Bush) Honey +20 MGO 820 Active., Shea Butter, Grape seed oil, Vitamin E, Kernal Oil,(Sustainable plantation) ¬†Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (From plant ) Organic Beeswax, Soya Bean oil, Pure Lavender essential oil. The Lavender essential oil in this balm is very minimal with hardly any odour, it is used to assist in alleviating itch and irritation along with anti bacterial properties.


Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 80 mm

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