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    BEE Pure Sensitive Skincare Duo

  • BEE Skin Recovery | Soothing Relief Balm – NOW 1200+MGO Australian Manuka Honey 300ML


BEE Skin Recovery | Soothing Relief Balm – NOW 1200+MGO Australian Manuka Honey 300ML


It’s HERE 300ML BEE Skin Recovery – Superior Moisturising Balm. NOW with 850 and 1200+MGO Australian Medicinal Manuka Honey TGA License AustL338214We believe this is the first balm of its kind in Australia now with 1200+ MGO Manuka Honey.
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In 2016 A young girl came to QueenBEE Secrets after using Rapid BEE Repair on Topical Steroid Withdrawal. A debilitating skin condition from overuse of steroids. Finding it soothed and relieved the irritation, Di went to work and developed a superior moisturiser for this condition. Within 3 months this young girl had her life back, thanks to balancing her ph levels and changing diet but the relief this balm gave truly was miraculous in helping her skin to heal. Today this is known as BEE Skin Recovery. If you have or know of someone with TSW I’m sure you would like to pass on this information. The ph levels in our bodies are very important in maintaining good health. We recommend Safe Soda a company that has also been around for many many years. Together with our BEE Skin Recovery TSW is taking a back seat.

REAL People REAL Results
“In just eleven Days Karen went from irritated dry scaly skin caused through overuse of steroid creams to no more itch, scaly skin or discomfort”. Nothing short of AMAZING! says Kaz!  You can see her final results below after just 20 days

Australia’s MANUKA Honey(Jelly Bush Honey)  + 850 MGO medicinal grade sourced from our own Aussie BEE Keepers and TGA Licensed, proof of authenticity,  in wound healing properties.   Now in 200ML and 300ML as per customer requests. 

Soothing Relief Balm -Superior moisturiser. Suitable for varied conditions Manuka Honey Medicinal grade is well known for wound healing with soothing benefits. .02% Lavender essential oil is also included to sooth the central nervous system and help calm inflammation along with soothing Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil. And how we Handcraft BEE Skin Recovery makes all the difference.

Suitable for maintaining HEALTHY skin . 

  • Superior Moisturising Effects
  • Soothe Torn Skin
  • Relieve Dry Flaky Skin
  • Protect Sensitive Skin
  • Relieve Dermatitis
  • Soothe Topical Steroid Withdrawal
  • Soothe Cotton Wool Baby Syndrome and more
Why we use only the BEST Australian Manuka Honey.
At QueenBEE Secrets we use only the very best of Australia’s Manuka Honey. Produced in the forests and heathlands of the Norther Rivers it is said to be the best in the World. Tested by three independent laboratories And TGA Licensed. This precious substance is known to be a superfood. With up to 850MGO its no wonder it has powerful healing effects to protect and actively support your body’s own defences, while promoting rapid healing.
Australia’s Manuka Honey is used to assist wound healing and minor bacterial infections for various skin conditions and mild burns.
Skin is our largest organ and therefore takes all the goodness that Australian Manuka Honey has to offer to assist the skin to heal and repair.


BEE Amazed or your money back!.

Read how this product came about on our blog. or Scroll down to see recent results sent from Kaz


What makes BEE Skin Recovery different from the rest. Australia's Manuka Honey - Australian Medicinal Manuka Honey. 850 and 1200+MGO TGA Licenced AustL338214 . Sourced from our own Aussie BEE Keepers and the unique way BEE Skin Recovery is Handcrafted is what makes this product so special. BEE Skin Recovery balm was formulated in 2016.

The unique formulation developed for this condition by Di the founder of QueenBEE Secrets, incorporated Australian Jelly Bush Honey (Manuka) Honey TGA Licence to verify its authenticity and wound healing properties. Just one reason why BEE Skin Recovery achieves such great results here and around the world. It has gone on to help many varied skin conditions.BEE Skin Recovery Soothing Relief Balm is a superior moisturiser. Suitable for normal to dry skin in maintaining HEALTHY skin.  Results speak for themselves. How this product came about click link to our buzz blog -

Another lovely lady Kaz sent us these photos on 3rd September 2020 and within 11 days you can see the difference. Her feet were fully restored in 20 days. You can read her story on our blog also.    Feet restored in 20 days  

After 11 days

You can also check out how this product saved one Man's career by going to our BLOG POST - another amazing story, we are so grateful for the bees.  Australian Manuka Honey is very high in antibacterial properties. With an MGO of 850 it is widely used for wound healing. BEE Skin Recovery Contains 100% Natural ingredients. - Australian Manuka (Jelly Bush) Honey +20 MGO 850 Active., Shea Butter, Grape seed oil,  Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (From plant ) Organic Beeswax straight from the farm, Soya Bean oil. Jojoba Oil, .02% Lavender essential oil to calm the skin and Vit E. used to assist in alleviating itch and irritation along with anti-bacterial properties. This is a 100% Natural product. If problems persist please seek medical advice.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 90 × 80 × 80 mm

200ML, 300ML

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  • BEE Skin Recovery | Soothing Relief Balm – NOW 1200+MGO Australian Manuka Honey 300ML

  • QueenBee Secrets, Natural, Organic, Skin Care, Skin Repair, Royal Jelly, Honey, Eczema, Dermatitis, Skin Care Products

    BEE Pure Sensitive Skincare Duo