Goddess Within


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Goddess Within – Roll on Essential Oil Perfume 10ML

Goddess Within essential oil blend has been developed for Women. Giving the wearer feelings of warmth, optimism and confidence to be all they wish to be. Poetry and Potions Gift Boxed with fridge magnet poem to remind us of self love. All proceeds go to the McGrath Foundation 100% Natural

Bergamot essential oil is light, delicate and refreshing allowing feelings of warmth towards self and others. Delicate citrus fragrance that blends well with florals.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is a sweet exotic floral scent. Ylang Ylang brings balance and confidence to the wearer. Creativity and passion is associated with this pure essential oil. It allows the wearer to dare to be all they wish to be.

It takes upto 6 times the amount of rose petals to produce Rose Otto essential oil, opposed to normal Rose essential oil. This highly concentrated oil refreshes the soul and brings feelings of joy to the heart, optimism and calm assurance.

The above pure essential oils are blended with Jojoba oil to bring out the Goddess Within….Can be worn on a daily basis by applying to wrists, neck and collage.




This 100% natural essential oil blend has been developed with women in mind. It allows feelings of balance, optimism and confidence to bring out the Goddess Within. Packaged in heavy duty glass and Bamboo cap this product makes a lovely gift. Beautifully boxed in our Poetry & Potions range with our lovely fridge magnet poem(Live to Love) to place on your fridge reminding us of self love.

Bergamot - Ylang Ylang - Rose Otto in Jojoba oil.  Can be worn as perfume on a daily basis.Apply to pulse points and neck.

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