Anzac Day- Grandfather’s Legacy

by | Apr 24, 2024

In loving memory of all those that gave their lives to keep us safe.

Grandfather’s Legacy

Old man sits in his rocking chair eyes fixed on his front gate
Waiting for his mates to call
But it is all too late
His eyes they are transparent
His mind it wonders off
Remembering long ago happenings and mates that he had lost

This Aussie mans a Digger who travelled far from home
Excitement and adventure he did wish to see
And thought he'd help to save the world at Gallipoli
Boarding ships for far flung lands
Rifles held in untrained hands
Some with horses for brave young men
They felt the world depended on them

They laughed and joked along the way
"G'donya mate how'd ya do are you looking for a thrill or two"

Unaware of what was in store
ANZAC their destiny forged
With Gallipoli their port of call

As each one headed for the shore, men and boys shot down like dogs 
While others prayed to God above to get them through the days and hours
Shrapnel descending down in showers 

Struggling their way through bludgeoned debris
The likes of which one could never conceive 
Bodies strewn from shore to cliff, the blood of mite and youth
These horrors of war did not sway them
In fact their shear tenacity saved them

Mateship born in these brave men
Each one knowing they could depend on mates that said
"G'day come with me we'll find a way, we'll beat the Turks at their own game
and live to see this through. Don't give up we'll improvise us Aussie's know how to survive
We've tamed our harsh brown land. Now we can tame this God forsaken land"

The ANZAC Spirit born of Man

Where neighbours once from Aus and NZ would wrap each other in verbal dread
Now standing side by side building trust and friendship with pride

Tears for fallen solder's saved with courage to live another day
Waiting for bombs and gas to fall to finish one and all

In their pits of futile plague unsung heroes saved Mates from graves
Anzac spirit born so well in this unholy hell

Diggers are a special breed of that there is no doubt
Tenacity and strength of spirit we cannot comprehend
When searching the faces of these brave men

I look at this brave man's face as I walk through his gate
I see an old man before his years
A grandfather who finds it hard to shed tears
I am but eight and cannot understand the pain dealt to this dear sweet man

His passing was a quiet affair but I remember this
His sacrifice for this land of ours
His sacrifice to keep me free
His ANZAC love and pride of country
Grandfather's legacy to me

At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
We will remember them 

D.S. Elliott