Younger Skin with BEE Radiant

by | Oct 8, 2023

BEE RADIANT – Anti Ageing Balm  – Latest story from a very happy customer.

Hello, I just wanted to share my story with my experience with these beautiful Skin Balms. I am an older Mum, I am 56 and my daughter is 10years old. I have started to become a little more conscious of the fact that, my daughter’s friends Mums look younger and I look much older. I have a great relationship with my daughter and try to keep fit to keep up with her. She hasn’t really commented on the fact I look so much older than her Friends Mums, but I notice!!

Last September we were at the Eumundi Markets and I saw a sign that read, ‘Collagen’. I looked at the products, spoke to the ladies selling them and decided to buy them, particularly the face balm. Well, I have been using this product every single day, sometimes twice a day, it has lasted for over a year and the change is quite noticeable. My skin feels excellent but it looks excellent!! The true reward came when my daughter said, out of the blue, “Mum, you look so much younger than some of my friends Mums AND you are older”. This was enough to purchase more, the products are not only effective, but very, very reasonably priced and give you peace of mind to continue using them as they are NATURAL!!! This means I have found the little help I need for the rest of my life! So thank you and thank you to the lovely ladies selling this at the Eumundi Markets!!

Kind Regards,  Annmarie Cocks