Natural help for our Fur Babies

by | Oct 31, 2021

Natural Help for our Fur Babies 

We all love our fur babies and having a natural alternative for sore paws, minor skin irritations, grazed skin or in some cases mild arthritis, is such a relief.  What are these natural ingredients that truly help our fur babies?

  1. Organic Hempseed Oil  – Benefits of hempseed oil for our animals is well known, Hempseed oil has been used for pets internally to relieve stress and anxiety along with inflammation for many years.  Hempseed oil used in a balm may help relieve inflammation . Used for Arthritis pain in animals.  Hempseed oil is also very good for your pets coat.
  2. Organic Calendula Oil – Calendula oil is known to assist wound healing. A well known antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil . Helps to relieve redness and soothe affected skin areas. Paws, nose and more benefit from this beautiful essential oil.
  3. Organic Lavender Essential Oil –  Lavenders soothing antibacterial benefits help alleviate itch whilst calming your pet as essential oils are carried into the blood stream and affect the central nervous system. Now that’s great for keeping your pet calm. Did you know that pure Lavender oil was used in the First World War on mustard gas burns. It is an antiseptic with wound healing properties also.
  4. Australian MANUKA Honey – Rich in nutrients to assist wound healing Manuka Honey is known world wide for its healing benefits. Did you also know it helps fight bacteria another great assist for our fur friends.

Natural products are all different and so too are our animals. It is always wise to consult a Vet on what suits your Pet best. Or purchase a natural product from well known sources who have put their research to the test.