Natural alternative – BEE Active

BEE Active (Formerly known as Pain BEE Gone) is a natural alternative for sore muscles, aches and more.

BEE Active contains Royal Jelly and pure organic botanicals of Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender and Arnica. These ingredients are specifically designed to work together in stimulating the system which in turn helps our bodies to work more effectively in alleviating sore muscles and more.

May also be useful in traveling on aircraft by applying to the calves to relieve tired legs.

Natural alternatives work differently on each individual and if a good result is achieved within a short span of time a good result can be expected for ongoing use. However should problems persist it is recommended that you seek a health practitioner.


For Neck Tension apply to muscles at the sides and back of neck.

For conditions such as muscular aches and pain we recommend you use our 1-4 method for the first time. Thereafter 4 hourly or when required. As this is a natural product it is important to build up the effect of these natural substances in individuals creating a faster and more effective result in alleviating symptoms.  Once again if problems persists seek medical advice.

1-4 Method

Apply small amount to affected area and then again 30mins later.

Thereafter apply 1 hour, then 2 hours, and then 4 hourly or when required

  1. First application 1.00pm
  2. 2nd application – 1.30pm
  3. 3rd application – 2.30pm
  4. 4th application – 4.30pm

4 hourly thereafter.

This method is only necessary with the first application.

Kindly note this is a natural therapy only and should problems persist please seek medical advice.