Australia’s Manuka Honey Beneifts

by | Nov 24, 2021

Australian Manuka Honey is home to the most potent Manuka Honey in the World.

Now that’s a big call but true. In fact Australia’s Manuka Honey from the beautiful northern river regions is harvested from pristine coast forests and hinterlands of the beautiful Northern rivers region.This is where the strongest MGO Manuka Honey in the world is found.  This rare medicinal honey is TGA listed (Therapeutic Goods Administration) so you know it is exactly what it says it is.

Why is Australia’s Manuka Honey so potent?

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the unique bioactive compound which is found in Manuka Honey and is responsible for it’s long lasting antibacterial properties. MGO is the chemical marker used in laboratories to determine antibacterial strength in Manuka Honey. The higher the MGO the stronger antibacterial properties exist.

Australia’s Manuka Honey  has powerful healing properties which enhances, protects and actively supports your body’s own defences. Promoting rapid healing, Manuka Honey is used in wound care and bacterial infections for various skin conditions and mild burns. It is also used for relieving symptoms of the common cold, sore throat and coughs.

Manuka Honey is a superfood and Prebiotic, so important in supporting gut health and healing stomach ulcers. This honey supports the immune system and acts as an antioxidant to reduce free radical damage.   All this is scientifically proven so it is important to choose the right Manuka Honey. Australian Manuka Honey is tested in 3 seperate laboratories giving absolute assurance of the quality only Australian Manuka Bioactive Honey can give. We are proud to say our Beekeepers  provide us with the best Australian Manuka Honey, TGA Listed with an MGO rating of 850+ here at QueenBEE Secrets.