Balms are AMAZING

by | Aug 29, 2023

This very satisfied customer uses so many QueenBEE products she sent us all these wonderful stories.
BEE Radiant – Rejuvenating Anti Ageing Balm
I noticed results within 2 days!  Much smoother skin, reduction in lines, and I haven’t had a single blemish since using it.  Plus it creates such a beautiful canvas for either my tinted moisturiser or foundation to go onto – it allows both to go on smoothly, giving me a glow appearance.  It lasts ages (as you only need a tiny amount), and feels so good on my skin.  I’ve found my new facial balm.
BEE Kissable Natural Lip Balm
I am so picky with lip balms, and this is my all time lip balm ever.  It lasts on your lips for ages, and like all Queen Bee products, you only need a small amount. It’s the only balm I have that my lips feel truly nourished by (not just have something topical giving the impression they are being nourished).  It’s also fantastic under lip stick, as it allows for the colour not to “crack” and appear smooth the whole time until it naturally fades.  I also love the applicator stick, as it keeps any hand germs out of the pot itself.
Rapid BEE Repair – Natural Healing Balm – 50g
This stuff is truly amazing!!  It heals so rapidly.  Our 2 year old had calluses on his big toes, and nothing else we used cleared them – only reduced them slightly.  Within a few applications, they were completely healed!  Now whenever they come along again, our 2 year old excitedly exclaims, “Bee!” as he loves having the healing balm applied to him.
I also used the healing balm for intensive repair for my hands and recently cracked heels.  Rather than just providing a surface level of moisture, the balm actually heals the cracks, and provides lasting moisture to my skin.
Baby BUZZ Balm for Little Bubs
We love this balm!  Our son has sensitive skin and gets nappy rash easily.  Depending on the severity of the rash, it will only take between 1-2 applications for the rash to disappear.  It’s absolutely golden, and will 100% be a staple for our kids.
Thank you,