Acne Care

Natural Alternatives for Cleaning Acne skin conditions.

Acne can be a difficult time for young people and a Natural alternative is far better than using harsh chemical cleansers on young delicate skin. When surface skin is dried out the underlying sebaceous glands kick in and produce more oil, which in turn helps create a haven for bacteria. And so a vicious cycle of clearing skin and break outs occur.

The secret is to balance the oil glands and minimize the bacteria whilst helping build strong healthy skin. QueenBEE Secrets pure Lavender oil is one rich in camphor and properties that help reduce bacteria. When Lavender is placed on the pimple it goes into the bloodstream and attacks the bacteria. Using our Organic Balm in conjunction with our spritzer helps to balance the sebaceous glands, so important in helping to maintain healthy skin. Royal Jelly strengthens connective tissue which helps eliminate scarring and improves the texture of the skin.

You and your children will find this a very simple and effective alternative to harsh chemicals.

Step 1. Cleanse

Cleanse face morning and night with SLS free cleanser or soap. Our BEE Pure Bodywash has been designed to help maintain healthy skin with Certified Organic Honey, NO SLS Paraben or DEA .NO NASTIES and won’t damage the skin . You can use as a face cleanser or simply use as an all over bodywash.

Step 2. Toner

Toner – Pure Lavender oil keeps skin clean and free of bacteria which in turn helps to eliminate pimples. You can make your own inexpensive yet effective toner by following the method below.

Make up a Spritz. A spritz is made from 100mls of boiled water, allow to cool and add 30 drops of Lavender oil. Seal in a small bottle . This will keep for years and should last you 6 weeks using it regularly.

Clean face with cotton facial pads then allow to dry. This may be done twice a day and reduce to once a day when improvement occurs if you wish. Alternatively if you find skin is drying out too quickly or acne has reduced considerably reduce the amount of drops in your next mixture.

Step 3. Apply Organic Balm

When face is completely dry apply a very small amount of our Organic Balm to face and neck. Simply take a piece the size of ½ five cent piece , soften between fingertips and then apply to face. This will help balance out oil glands and assist in healing the skin and reducing scar tissue. Use once a day for ages 12 – 20 twice a day for older age groups.

There is a kit for Teens and one for Adults – check which one suits you.

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