We Two

                                    To all the brave women in the world who are and have endured domestic violence know that your love for your children never wavers nor theirs for you. You are valued and you are loved.

In loving memory of my amazing Mother Jean


Just what I feel words cannot say 
You simply know the truth
That we have walked this journey now 
For so long you and I
When I was small you always showed your love no matter what
As I have grown you have shown your love won’t be lost
Compassion, understanding, truth forever clear
I know that you will always be in my heart so near.
Your life was filled with giving and your children are the test
Of just what you have shown them when there was nothing left
Your life was filled with challenge, yet in your moving on
Not once were you complaining, always singing a happy song.
Standing in your power, steadfast and true
Seeking truth in others and everything that’s good.
You’ve taught me life’s great lessons and I’m finally listening to 
The love that never leaves me
The love between me and you.

D.S. Elliott