Success Stories

Hi Di,

I just wanted to let you know how marvelous I have found the Rapid BEE Repair Balm.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and after my surgery I had to undergo a course of radiotherapy. A friend of mine who has used Rapid Repair advised me to get some to use. As with all well meaning tips people give you with a cancer diagnosis I was a bit sceptical but I bought some anyway.
I am so glad I did it has been a life saver to me.
Radiotherapy is the gift that keeps on giving even after you have finished treatment your breast still requires attention. Rapid BEE Repair was the best balm to use. It was so soothing and my skin felt so revitalised, especially under my breast where I did burn and where your bra goes. You need so little of it and it just melts into your skin stopping the itching irritation and does not leave your breast feeling sticky.  I love the fact that it is a natural treatment too. I cannot do without it now.
I would, and have now, recommended it to other friends.
Thank you
Sally Gissing

Can’t believe the difference

I cant believe the difference your products are making to my life, after being diagnosed as having a very large and painful foot bursa and being told i would require cortisone injections i am now using Bee Active on it and now, no more pain. and the rapid bee repair is the best thing i have ever used on my cracked heels, no more cracks on this very happy ladies feet,

My only regret is the Bee Snoozie I purchased I gave as gifts so have yet not had the opportunity to try it for myself, but my friend loves it – T. Evenden

43 degrees and headaches today, air conditioning and QUEEN BEE to the rescue, feeling so much better, headache has gone much quicker than when using the traditional medications and I feel much better within myself, Thanks for the fantastic products, all I have used to date are fantastic

Trish Evenden FB

Rapid BEE Repair – This stuff is amazing – FB comment

Crissy Allen,. Dec.2016

I stumbled upon Queenbee secrets at the Eumundi Markets a couple of years ago. I had very bad dry flakey dermatitis on my face. I was told the Rapid Bee Repair balm would help. I was sceptical as I had tried a lot of products at this stage however to my surprise it certainly did help!! I noticed a difference overnight and I am now dermatitis free. I recommend this product to everyone I speak to and I have even purchased the anti wrinkle products for my mother and she loved them too. 10/10 product! FB comment.

Aimee Martin Kelly

My partner suffers from dermatitis and very inflamed skin. When we were at the eumundi markets on the weekend and we spoke to Di (who was such a pleasure to talk to and very helpful) and purchased the rapid bee repair and he put it on straight away and within the next 6 hours his itchiness and inflammation had disappeared. I will be recommending Queen Bee secrets to all my friends and family! FB comment

Renee Perriman

Hi Di, I just wanted to say thank you for your new Serum . It is just beautiful on my skin. I used Bio Oil before but this is far better and my skin feels and looks amazing.

The scar I had from a very bad operation on my face has improved out of sight using this together with Rapid BEE Repair. Thank you so much for making these products.

Maggie W. SA

Swear by your ‘bee active ‘ had annoying muscular pain this week in lower back .. bee active to the rescue .. feeling amazing today !FB comment

Melissa Dargusch

The rapid bee repair has helped repair my skin back to normal after suffering severe eczema. I love this product

I met you at redhill markets. I seriously need to take photos! My autoimmune disease HS is responding to it better than I ever imagined. Can’t thank you enough for creating rapid bee repair, even 5 mins of no pain is worth it.

“I found out about your products on a visit to Australia at a market.  The Bush Bee Antiseptic Balm has been a lifesaver, keeping the mossies at bay. The Rapid Bee Repair has made big difference in healing of various skin scrapes, burns and you name it it worked well.  I have just started using the Muscle Rub on my Thumb and fingers (arthritic)  early days but already making a difference. Thanks so much.”
Pauline NZ
“Dear Diane, my girls Ginger and Mia and myself, just love your products.  My girls use the rapid bee repair balm for their pimples on their face. It has made such a difference  since they have been using it. Which has been for about 6 months. It keeps things at bay, I use the bee radiant  and the beeautiful eyes.  Its lovely at night, so moisturizing   and subtle.  The smell of them all is great for sleeping at night.  The body wash is also very cleansing.”
Thanks for your products.
Andrea K

I use & LOVE both your Rapid Bee Repair & Bee Pure Crystal Healing Balm.
I have Pompholyx eczema on the palms of my hands which causes tiny, itchy & often sore blisters.  The medicated cream I use to heal the blisters work well but leaves my hands so dry the skins splits which is more painful than the eczema itself.
A friend of mine (who also has eczema) got me onto to your products & I have never looked back since.  The difference it has made is AMAZING.  Not only do the products smell amazing but they leave my dry, sore skin feeling supple & refreshed.

I have one at work, at home & a traveller in my handbag…  I’d Bee lost without my healing balms now J

Thanks & regards, Leanne Sydney

Last winter I started using Queenbee Secrets “Rapid Bee Repair” because of all of the buzz I’d been hearing about the brand. I have always had issues with my skin, pimples and super dry. I have used so many products out there from drugstore to high end ones and nothing works like this one. I love the range of products that this company offers. I have now used radiance and repair, both are so light and you can feel your skin just drink it in. The next morning your skin will feel so soft. The smell of essential oils used in the moisturiser are relaxing and it does not irritate your skin– it’s perfect. My skin has improved 10x fold. What I really love about Queenbee Secrets is the website and lovely staff at stalls explain what the products are meant to do, what they contain and they show research supporting the claims, and user reviews. This make all the difference when you need the right product for you.
FB comment Meagen. 1st April, 2016

“I first discovered the amazing healing power of bees after I acquired quite a serious staphylococcus infection which stuck around even after treatment with antibiotics. The only thing which I found to help was a Manuka honey soap which lead me into the world of healing honey and ultimately to QueenBee Secrets. I should mention that I have very sensitive skin, and many skin care products make my skin burn and welt (even deodorant) and so I look for products as natural as possible. I have eczema or as I like to call it, “stress-ma”, on my underarms, my inner elbows and my legs and your bee repair balm works wonders on it! As this works so well, I decided to give another one a go and purchased a muscle pain balm. I work in hospitality and am constantly on my feet and doing manual lifting, so I feel almost constant pain in my back, shoulders, legs and neck particularly and the muscle rub is amazing. In fact I take it in my handbag everywhere and if anyone complains to me of muscle pain I show them and give them a little because I know how fast-acting and effective it is and it feels rude not to share my beautiful, natural secret. And it smells so gorgeously of peppermint too! I love it.
I’m not usually one for big long testimonials but I truly do think your products are awesome and honestly thank you for making them because I’m sure it’s hard work, I’d love to have your whole range because I trust they’re all awesome and they do what they promise! Just like the ones I have myself.
Georgie xx

I have read your blog with your trip to Hong Kong and the wonderful things that Queen Bee products have been helping thousands of people.

I just read your article in the Peninsula Life Magazine.  It is wonderful and inspirational especially you have shared with me personally about your story.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.  I love your motto, the PIL – Perserverance, Intergrity and Love.  What a wonderful motto to live by and also to be able to not compromise your own values and bring all those values into your business.  Great principles to live by in a fast-paced world that we are currently living and all those terrible things that we read about like what took place in Paris and America recently.

I sincerely hope that your family, staff and you have a blessed Christmas and a job well done.  May 2016 be a wonderful year filled with wonderful blessings and inspirations as your Queen Bee Secrets Balms continue to help thousands of people and change lives!!!


Sharon Ames  “

I found out about your products on a visit to Australia at a market.  The Bush Bee Antiseptic Balm has been a lifesaver, keeping the mossies at bay. The Rapid Bee Repair has made big difference in healing of various skin scrapes, burns and you name it it worked well.  I have just started using the Muscle Rub on my Thumb and fingers (arthritic)  early days but already making a difference. Thanks so much.

Pauline  –  New Zealand.

Bush bee is my fav. Followed close by bee repair and then the muscle ease. I have just bought my second travel pack!
Latest FB comment. J Dalton

Dear Queen Bee

I have worked within the beauty and Spa industries for the past 30 years.
I started as a Cosmetologist working with Lancome and Juvena, I’ve worked for the world largest Spa company and have run my own consultancy setting up Spas for 6 years. To say I’ve tried it all is an understatement – from luxury to organic ranges to cosmeceuticals – however My skin has never been in such great condition since using Beeradiant and Beeautiful Eyes which I have done now for 2 years – your products have literally changed my skin, it is more firm – hydrated – I believe my elasticity is better, lines are lessened, less blotchy – I have recommended it to all my friends – as a bonus I even pop it on the ends of my very curly hair to tame the frizzys. At home we also use Bee active and Rapid Bee Repair and the whole family knows they are our “go to” products for pain, burns, bites.

Julie Dharma

After my husband had a knee replacement the pain was excruciating. However after applying BEE Active it is on the thing that helped his pain. Doctors had given him pain killers but nothing worked as well as BEE Active. Thank you so much. Pat. Victoria.”

“I was actually talking to a customer today that I recommended the bee repair to for his baby. I asked him if he had come in to pick up some more, and he said “well no actually, because it worked. Almost too well I guess because it hasn’t come back! I’ve actually given the rest of the container to my sister for her baby.” A Happy retailer.”

Hi, I was thinking about how effective your Rapid BEE Repair is and decided to write to you as
I worked in health care for many years, more recently managing aged care facilities – and one of our biggest tasks is to manage skin redness
in skin folds.

The good thing about it is that it works so quickly.  (Name withheld)”

We recently discovered your products at Eumundi Markets, after battling with my sons excema for so long constant antibiotics for infections. We are very happy to say his skin is amazing it’s even helping with clearing the scaring he has as a result of the excema. Thank you your products are amazing. M. Perry FB comment.”

I’m a return Customer. First heard about your products when I was on holiday in Queensland and went to the Eumundi market. What a joy to find you. “

I have been using your Rapid Repair for the first time this year. After a lifetime of Psoriasis and irritated skin, this is the first time anything has worked.
This winter I was itch free and my skin is in a very good condition. Thank you again for your great product.

David  – Somerville “

“I have been using your Rapid Repair for the first time this year. After a lifetime of Psoriasis and irritated skin, this is the first time anything has worked.
This winter I was itch free and my skin is in a very good condition. Thank you again for your great product.

David  – Somerville “

Hello Di,

Thanks for your quick response.  I thought Rapid Bee repair was the balm to use as I bought some 2 weeks ago at Emmundai Market.  I myself have developed Psororis on my hands and a section of my foot over the last 6 months.  I have never had a skin problem before and have tried many creams and medicated creams which help but it keeps coming back.  Since I have been using the Rapid Bee I have had instant relief and my hands have cleared up with no cracks or bleeding at all.  It is the best purchase I have made and I am over the moon with the results. I will use the rapid repair on my daughters skin, after reading the testimonials I have no doubt this cream will do wonders for her itching.  I have been on your website and am going to order more products, very interested in your anti aging balm, eye balm, and the snooze balm as I am 51 and have continuous broken sleep at night.  I am so glad I came across your product and you.  Congratulations on your success and many thanks Nat Haig


Hi Di, I bought some Body BEE Smooth on Sunday at the QV Markets in Melbourne and gave it to a young friend about to have her baby. I understand you don’t use essential oils in the first trimester of pregnancy as I am with a pregnancy support group. This lass has only 4 weeks to go and her marks are quite severe. My friend has noticed an amazing difference to her skin in just 2 days after using this product and I am so impressed I wish to order 10 more for other girls. Needless to say Caroline was impressed. ACT.

Hi Di,

My parcel arrived on Saturday and I was desperate to try the balm on my poor hands. HALLELUJAH!!
The cream is incredible and my hands have visibly improved in only a few days.

I would like to thank you for your patience.

Kind regards

1AMAZING results on severe skin rash using Rapid BEE Repair

Maggie from Swan Reach in SA sent this through today. After using face wipes for Sensitive Skin the result was a severe skin reaction.  Luckily Maggie had Rapid BEE Repair handy and applied to find the pain gone overnight and the severe rash cleared within 7 days.  Maggie is so relieved and we are grateful for her sharing this with us.

Love this stuff it’s great & kids can use it too! Jacqui FB Comment”

Love these products. My sensitive skinned daughter uses them with no problem. FB Comment. Jane

Best stuff ever & fantastic for kids nappy rash – Jacquie FB Comment”

“Deeply appreciate & I love bee radiant.  When I immigrate to USA I will place an international order to Houston Texas.

Regards Tanya

BEE Active really works I love it.

Anneke FB comment 18th Aug

“Thank you Di for the BEE Active Muscle Rub, it is really amazing. I have had so much relief for my aching muscles and ligaments. It is soothing, moisturising, I just love it. Elizabeth Smith FB comment. 9th August,2015″

Using the rapid bee repair product dissolved  a persistently stubborn facial skin growth near my eye. My treating dermatologist suggested surgical removal was the only solution. I persisted with rapid repair for four months and it resolved. no sign, no scar. It also immediately calms any irritated skin that’s flared through dermatitis. Itch resolved and red skin returns to normal.”

While visiting in Eumundi Markets last year I purchased the Bee Active for
my husband, just as a little gift (didn’t really think it would work to be
honest).  He suffers with terrible migraine headaches and now uses the Bee
Active.  Amazingly, his headaches just go.  He now knows to apply when he
feels one starting.  We are also going to use it on our sore knees while
travelling.  I am ordering 4 more to make sure he has one in his work car,
private car, at home, etc etc.    Thanks Bee Active. Julie Berendsen

“Love this stuff it’s great & kids can use it too?  JACQUIE FB comment.”

“Hi Di, I just wanted to write and say a big thank you to you and your team. I have been a loyal customer to Queen Bee for over two years now, and I am overwhelmingly grateful. I found your products at a time when I was suffering the most debilitating skin condition and subsequent depression of my life. And I have had this condition for a long time, suffering ups and downs for as long as I can remember. But this down was by far the worst, spanned months and took me out of school for almost six. My eighteenth birthday was spent in tears in my father’s arms, due to the pain I was in. I am now almost 21. I have tried all the products you provide, the rapid Bee repair my favourite saviour. I have taken it all around the world with me on my travels (something I was so scared I would not be able to do because of the severity of my condition at its worst). I just received my package from you in the mail today, complete with a hand written note from you and some free samples. I cannot tell you how delighted I am. I remember there was a shipping issue once, and you dealt with me immediately and personally over the phone. Once again, I am so grateful. The way you conduct your business and the solace you provide is unparalleled. I will continue to buy and share your products for as long as you provide them. Thank you. Claire -NSW

My wife has been using your muscle rub BEE Active now for quite a few years and she simply cant be without it. Recently she was admitted to a nursing home as she is 84 yrs young. I am instructed to keep her stock of BEE Active on hand as it gives her great relief on her back and hips. She now has some of the staff using it too.,,,We just love your product please keep up the good work.  Frank Thompson. Brisbane

SKIN GRAFT takes on a new look with Rapid BEE Repair Royal Jelly Skin Balm.

Cathy from Somerville in Victoria suffered a skin craft to her face some 20years ago after suffering Melanoma.
Cathy was concerned as the skin graft was looking unsightly and as though it was actually starting to die.
After visiting our stand Cathy applied Rapid BEE Repair frequently for 3 weeks. The results were amazing. Today I meet Cathy and her skin now looks alive, healthy and matches the rest of her facial skin. The scar tissue is less obvious as each day passes and she is so excited and so are we. Thrilled for you Cathy and thank you for letting us know.

Hi Diane,

I just want to thank you for your Bee Active. My wife was recently placed in a nursing home. She has used your products for at least 5 years or more and cant be without them. BEE Active helps relieve pain associated with her age. It helps because it dosnt interfere with her medication and gives her great relief in legs and also with headaches. In fact the Nursing staff have been using it so you will have new customers. It is fantastic. Many thanks Frank Thompson.

“While visiting in Eumundi Markets last year I purchased the Bee Active for
my husband, just as a little gift (didn’t really think it would work to be
honest).  He suffers with terrible migraine headaches and now uses the Bee
Active.  Amazingly, his headaches just go.  He now knows to apply when he
feels one starting.  We are also going to use it on our sore knees while
travelling.  I am ordering 4 more to make sure he has one in his work car,
private car, at home, etc etc.    Thanks Bee Active.

Julie Berendsen

Heathcote NSW 2233″

Rachel Bourke   SCAR TISSUE  Facebook comment. update after Radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

  • I cannot praise your product highly enough. I have now had my 1st appointment with my plastic surgeon to plan my reconstruction and he was absolutely amazed at how my skin had healed from the radiotherapy. He had never seen anyone heal so quickly as I have and I told him all about your wonderful product. He was so grateful that there is products like yours out there. Much luv

Julie’s Story

Hi, my name is Julie (from Queensland) and I’d like to share with you my story of miraculous skin healing, with the help of Queen Bee Secrets, Rapid Bee Repair.I had undergone six weeks of accumulative daily Radiation treatments for Breast Cancer and by the final week my skin was very raw and tender.  The well meaning nurses at the hospital that I was attending offered to dress my breast, back and shoulder each day, with one of their “soothing gels”!  Well, within two days the whole area was deep red to purple with a severe skin reaction to the gel

I still had another 5 radiation treatments to go, and was told that the effects of the radiation, on the skin would continue, and peak at about 6 to 10 days after the finish of the treatments.

I was sent home, after the completion of the treatments, with a thick Zinc Ointment to apply to the entire area daily. After several days all the skin began to peel off in large strips.  My breast, back and shoulder were still a painful dark red so once the skin had peeled I gladly ceased the sticky Zinc applications and began to apply Di’s Rapid Bee Repair

It was soft, soothing and a lot more “user friendly” than the Zinc, and day by day I became absolutely amazed at the rapid healing process that was taking place in front of my eyes.  Within a 2 week period that amazing product had alleviated all signs of the severe burns and the allergic reaction as well.

“I have just placed an order but wanted you to know that BEE Active has been a godsend for my elderly mother who suffers from reumatoid arthritis. It is the only product that has provided her some relief and comfort from the constant pain she has had to endure. She can actually sleep at night and not stay awake due to pain. I stumbled upon your products at the Sydney MBS show and I have not looked back! I myself have been using the Bee Radiant and my skin has never looked or felt better. I have also used the Bush Bee and it is my go to for any emergency. Little miracles in a can! My conscious also benefits from knowing it is a competely natural product and I am supporting an Australian made product. I tell everyone and anyone. Exceptional product and would love to see more.” C. Potamianos – NSW”

I used your Rapid Bee Repair to treat burns from Radiation. It cleared up the blisters in about 3 days and the dryness and cracking improved after a week. I continued using it for about a month and the skin is virtually back to normal. My radiation specialist was very impressed with the result. Many thanks for a great product. Patti

I have been using Bee Repair on my shingles lesions when I have a slight outbreak and they are instantly soothed. I have been using it for years, also to combat chronic, mild fungal infection on my feet. Love it, Rose sydney

I love your product. Im Stefi Bastiaensz, I did a testimonial for you a few years ago. I have a nasty burn right now and I need immediate healing from you amazing product. Thank-you for changing my skin and my confidence forever!

BEE Snoozie is the best! I suffer with ME/CFS and in the past had to endure broken sleep and sleeplessness even though being totally exhausted and desperately needing sleep… Then I tried BEESnoozie, and haven’t looked back. Each night upon retiring I rub a little on my temples and the back of my neck and nine times out of ten, I’m guaranteed a sound night’s sleep! Because it works so well for me, I bought some for my mum to try, and now she swears by it too! I love all of my QueenBEE Secrets balms (I have most of the range), and will never be without my BEESnoozie! Thanks Di for these amazing products! 🙂 Amber Day, FB comment 25/3/15

Melissa Schnitzerling
February 17 at 7:58am

This Bush Bee is amazing, it is always in my bag with me.

FAUNA RESCUE sent us this after the devastating SA Fires.

Kate tells us Rapid BEE Repair has been absolutely wonderful in helping the aftercare of Koala burns.
“It is so great and helps the little Koalas calm and sooth their painful burns and we also use it on other skin disorders. Sometimes Koalas are attacked by dogs and more and their immune system is very sensitive so not all products are suitable for these little creatures. BUT Rapid BEE Repair helps them so much and they heal so quickly. I bought it some time back and use it all the time. It is just GREAT” Fauna Rescue and Protection. S.A “

“I keep coming back to QueenBEE because it’s the only thing that has cleared up my little girls irritated skin. She is such a happy little girl now all thanks to QueenBEE. Thank you Cassy Gottfried. BF comment, 12/2/2015″

I have been using Bee Repair on my shingles lesions when I have a slight outbreak and they are instantly soothed. I have been using it for years, also to combat chronic, mild fungal infection on my feet. Love it, Rose  – Sydney

“Hi, my name is CHRISTINE Bombardieri and I’d like to share some great news, in September 2013 I was pretty much covered in dry red flaky skin the battle had continued for the best part of three years when my pastor mentioned your product to me , so I immediately went home and got on line and ordered the repair, it arrived several days later and the rest is history, I seen immediate results within 24 hours the healing process began and three months later I was free of this awful condition.
I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart , keep up the good work. Blessings
Best regards

“Our QueenBEE Story…

Five years ago we discovered QueenBEE Royal Jelly Balms at the Eagle Farm Markets in Brisbane’s Northside, my husband had terrible sun damage to his lips & we purchased our first tin of QueenBEE Kissable. After what seemed like a 24 hour improvement in the sun damage to his lips, the following weekend we upgraded to QueenBEE Repair & used it every night on our lips, hands, feet, burns or anything in need of care.

Two years later while my husband was serving in Afghanistan I received a relieved call from him, when catching up on how he was, he asked me for a favour…send QueenBEE Repair & lots of it, we’re snowed in over here & sleeping outdoors has left all our hands, eyes & lips split. I headed straight to the QueeBEE stall early Sunday morning praying that they had repair in stock, not only did they have stock ready for me, but when I shared why I was buying so much, the lady representing the company gave me a beautiful deal in order to support our men serving.

Not a single drop of balm came home from that deployment & while we’ve moved rural, we still order online & use the QueenBEE Repair everyday!

Thank you for making such an amazing product!

Kind Regards,

Rebecca Mullens

“I discovered QueenBee royal jelly balms about 2 years ago at the Eumundi Markets in Noosa. The ladies at this stall are always so helpful.

I have found more than one of the products beneficial for myself and my family.

I suffered from 2 discs going out in my lower back and the only thing that would ease my back pain was the BEEactive balm. I would apply it twice a day and i found improvement within hours. Today my back has no pain and i use this balm once a week to help with any inflammation.

The rapid BEE repair is amazing! My father is currently going through melanoma cancer which started form his arm/wrist. After a long operation and several scars the doctors can not believe how quickly his scars have healed by applying the rapid BEE. After two weeks of the operation the scars on his neck are almost not visible. You would not believe it! He now uses the rapid BEE on his skin where he is currently having radiation. This has helped his skin with the burn he has received. The lady at the radiation centre even asked him what cream he was using. She said his skin should be blistering at week 3! I wonder why more doctors are not using organic creams or telling other patients when it works so well?

Being summer we have had many BBQ’s outside. I have found the bushBEE fantastic. It helps to repel the small bugs we have flying around our house as we back onto the bush on our property.

I also love the new perfume. It really does last on your skin! It is so easy to use and fits in my handbag without taking up heaps of room.

The best thing about these balms is a little bit goes a long way. I can not always make it to the markets so I sometimes order it on-line. It is always great delivery within a few days.

Thank you so much for helping my dad!


I use BEE Radiant on my face and neck everyday, and have noticed a
great improvement since I started with the product last year, however
I never realised how healing it is to damaged skin.
On Boxing Day, I was in the midst of cooking our family Christmas
lunch.  I was just finishing crisping the pork crackling in the oven.
One last look at it, and as I pulled it from the oven, the fat the had
collected on the rind, slopped over onto my wrist. I don’t know how I
didn’t drop everything, however, I managed to put the dish down, and
quickly ran cold water over the burn. My daughter, bought her bottle
of Lavender essential oil, and quickly smeared it all over the burn,
which immediately deaden the nerves. I carried on cooking; feeling no
pain. Two days later, once the burn had started to blister, still
feeling no pain, I started to smear BEE Radiant all over several times
a day. 5 days later, the burn was almost completely healed with little
sign of the damaged sustained. I was absolutely amazed that I was pain
free, after the administering of your Lavender essential oil, and of
the renewable effects of the BEE Radiant on my burn. I now have to
look very carefully, to even be able to find a slight mark.

Thank you very much for such wonderful products.

Lorna Brindle

I use lots of your products.
However my fav in the Pain Bee Gone (I know the name changed to BEE Active) I use it on my hands 2 – 3 times a day and my hands are very different to what they were 6 months ago.

I use my hands a lot as a dog groomer and the vibration of the clippers really causes my arthritis hands to swell  painfully.
But regular use of your product has helped enormously, I still get a little swelling and pain on busy days but I am able to work more easily now.

So Thank you so very much.

Ann Cook

This Bush Bee is amazing, it is always in my bag with me. FB comment 17th Feb,2015 “

SUNURN? “I have NEVER peeled when I’ve used rapid repair, no sting & turns to tan within days. Such a blessing” Bek FB Comment.”

2 I have very fair skin and when I am sunburnt it is an ordeal. It’s very painful and I always peel, no matter the degree of burn. After recently moving to Perth where the UV index is very high I found myself getting extremely burnt after forgetting my daily sunscreen routine one morning. On Di’s advice I applied Rapid bee repair 3-4 times a day to the burn.After two hours the heat radiating from the burn was completely taken out. I had started with aloe vera but it was no longer needed! After four days (12 applications) my skin had started turning brown and is smoother than ever. The scaly bumpy skin that I’ve had on my arms my whole life has even cleared up! Two weeks on and I actually have some brown colour to my skin! Now only if rapid bee repair could remove those pesky tan lines too, haha!

Thanks queen bee secrets! – Leticia Good

Ivy sent these photos yesterday. Amazing results for her Eczema with Rapid BEE Repair. This is no longer a secret because I will tell everyone. I have had painful eczema for 3 years and from the first application I had relief. Look at 3 days later , I am amazed , Thank you so much!!! Ivy.

Kylie wrote: “Fantastic product highly recommended” FB Comment 20/11/14 “

“It is wonderful, it works so well yet it does not have to over powering odour of the menthol rubs that are so commonly available in stores and are much less effective…..I love it!” Ruth Weston. FB Comment.”

Susan Luke wrote: “I love it too. It helps me with osteoarthritis pain in my hips.” FB Comment”

“I bought my first balm at Eumundi 4 years ago and still using them , great stuff. Kylia Blair. “

Just wanted to let you know I bought some of your muscle and joint relief some 3 years ago and after using it for just 1 day my elbow has never given me any more grief. I gave my tin to another friend who I saw today and she was so excited to see me as she wanted to know where she could get some more. It has been the only thing to help her arthritic hands.  I found your website and am delighted to be able to pass on this information.

This stuff is great. I bought the travel pack at the Mind Body & Spirit festival a couple of years ago. It is as good as when I first bought it. Only a very little amount is required. The relief is instantaneous. When my granddaughter comes over I sometimes find that she has nappy rash. If her mother hasn’t packed a barrier cream I use this and when it’s time for the next change the area is clear. Same when she has an itch. I apply a tiny bit and she stops scratching immediately Debbie Van Twist. FB comment

I love these products, please never stop making them! My husband & I have been using them for 4 years, the rapid repair is amazing, I put it on everything, in fact in 2012 my husband called me from Afghanistan asking for some to sooth his hands, face & lips that had split due to patrolling in the snow. It works miracles!

I just put in a new order, love it!

Thanks :)”FB comment R Mullens.


I keep coming back to QueenBee Secrets because my skin loves it!! It’s become a
part of my day and I don’t feel right without it on!.  I’m a busy mum of 3
little ones living in a very dry environment, and Queen BeeSecrets makes me feel
I am doing the best I can for my skin.  I can feel it locking in the
moisture and keeping my ‘laughter lines’  at bay!  This sounds corny but
it is my secret to staying bee-utiful – but honestly I love that its
natural and I love that its simple to use.



I am in absolute love with your products, in particular your Queen Bee Rapid Repair.
My Sister suffers a serious flaky skin conditions and unfortunately got it really bad, it covered her skin head to toe, was on special medication, special ointment, special diet, the works and it was not cheap. My sister came across your stall at the Eumundi markets in Queensland and took some home to try. It was amazing, it took away the itch and inflammation almost instantly giving her much needed relief, over the next few weeks her skin became clearer and clearer. Now she keeps it on her at all times using anytime she has a flare up and it helps to prevent a breakout. Needless to say I was amazed and decided to try it for myself, I now use it for dry skin head to toe, shaving rashes, ingrown hairs, on my lips, I too have sensitive skin and break out with a similiar problem . My son who is now three and my daughter who is 7 months are also mad users as they too have sensitive skin and are allergic to cut grass, washing powders and such things. I rub a little on and they are all good with no itching, which means no open wounds. HEAVEN.

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful product that is truly sensitive to our skins and our earth

Kind Regards
Andrea Jones – email rec.10th March, 2014

Bianca Simpson i have been using Bee Repair on my family for over a year now an its amazing.. i only just realised it helps with sunburn last week too! no more sticky after sun gels for us! I also now have my step mum hooked on it, she has had painful lupus for years and years and nothing she has used has ever really worked, she swears by Rapid Bee Repair

Melissa wrote: “I love this product ‘Rapid BEE Repair’ and swear by it and ‘Bush Bee’, my two items I have in my handbag at all times!!” FB comment

I’ve only been using your rapid bee repair for 2 days and already my cracked heels and flaky skin are looking so much better
Wish I’d found this years ago”Amy Brookes FB Comment

Denise wrote: “I also bought some at the market in June and have just ordered three different things now as I am so happy with the results. I have also tried everything and very expensive treatments and nothing works like this.” Denise Cobb FB Comment

I Love your products because they actually work. My skin is looking better than ever. I would love to try the whole range. Thank you. Debbie C

Two years ago I dissected my carotid artery and as a result, I was in extreme pain with migraines and neck pain.I had to take lots of medication which destroyed my skin and the constant headaches were terrible for my sleep.  I came across Queen Bee products at the Eumundi markets and I now use all of the products religiously!

Bee Snoozie helps me relax and I can sleep at night
Bee Radiant has made my skin glow and together with BEEutiful eyes and BEE Kissable it is my fail safe beauty regime.
Bee Pure helped my skin allergies from the medication and I no longer have itchy dry skin and hives

I love the products so much I now buy them for my friends as presents.

Thank you for your gorgeous products. I couldnt live without them!

Laura Miller

Amber Day commented on a link QueenBEE Secrets shared. FB comment
Well, I don’t even know where to begin… I absolutely love ALL of the QueenBEE products that I have tried and I continue to use all the ones I have tried! The Bee-Radiant and BEEautiful Eyes are part of my daily skincare regime, the BEE-Active does wonders for my tired, aching legs, sore feet, neck and shoulder pain and headaches… The BEE Pure Body Wash makes a luxurious facial cleanser, while the Bush BEE is fantastic for bringing relief to bites and stings… And of course, the Rapid BEE Repair is wonderfully healing, soothing and calming to all skin irritations! But I think the most “unsung hero” of the QueenBEE range would have to be the BEE Snoozie… my nights of restless, broken sleep have literally been transformed into nights of sound, restful sleep patterns… Applying this to my temples and the back of my neck is now a nightly ritual at bedtime… I missed it one night and again couldn’t sleep, so have never missed it again since! Phew… I know that was long-winded, and may sound like an “ad” but I just cannot sing the praises of your beautiful balms enough! Love, Amber

Hi! I’m a newbie to QueenBEE Secrets, but I’m already in love. I had cracked hands and dreadful irritated skin  on my neck and my dermatologist gave me lots of things to try, none of which worked. I got a sample of QueenBEE Pure in a party goodie bag, and I gave it a try. A few weeks later, the spot on my neck was clear and itch free! I have since developed a spot on my face, and I’m using the BEE Pure, and just in the last two weeks it has gotten so much better. Also, six weeks ago, I fell and fractured my foot. I had to be on crutches for four weeks, and in that time, my leg muscles started spasming a lot and were quite painful. I ordered the BEE active  and wouldn’t you know, it not only works better than Tiger Balm, BenGay, or any other ointment you might try, but it smells so much better, too! In fact, I just ordered one for a friend going through a similar ordeal because it worked so well. I’m a big fan of QueenBEE Secrets! Thank you so much for saving my skin, and my sore muscles! – Jennife

Hi Di,

Just wanted to say that I have searched for a very long time to find a product like BEE Radiant and had almost given up. I have super sensitive skin and I bought a little pot about 1 month ago and the results are fantastic. My skin feels and good fabulous, so smooth and I love the little spatula in the container, I don’t waste a bit of it. Many thanks, Sofie Blake

Hi Di, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your rapid bee repair. I have had a contact skin problem for years and nothing has ever helped. After 2 days of use I noticed results and I now use a small amount every morning and havn’t had a flair up in almost 3 months! Thank you so much!
Regards Natalie 🙂

Renay Graham commented on QueenBEE Secrets’s link.
Renay wrote: “I have just started using bee radiant the last 2 weeks and it has cleared all my pimples and I also have very sensitive skin. I also use rapid bee for rashes etc and they have all cleared as well. Leaves my skin soft and supple. Love your products.! Will be a forever customer.Renay Graham – Queensland.

Hi Di,

I’ve just finished my first tub of bee radiant and I really noticed a difference in my skins hydration and skin tone within the first few months! You have definitely got yourself a loyal customer here now. I get very dry, sensitive skin and even had a problem with pimples (which did affect my confidence admittedly). since i’ve used your product my pimples have completely cleared up and my skin is looking better than ever and i’ve had people commenting now on my complexion. I loved it that much I have already got 2 of my friends and 2 family members using your products.

Christine Bailey

I have used your Baby Buzz for almost 2 years now and it is the only thing that helps my little girls serious skin conditions. Just love your products they are wonderful. Thanks so much. Nichola.

I don’t go anywhere without my Bush BEE. It works on cuts, insect bites and my tinea. Even use it on my little dog, he loves it too. LOL Marissa.

Sarah-Jane Robson
Thank you Queen Bee Secrets! When my daughter broke out in a skin condition which is red, itchy and painful at 12 months old you recommended a combination of Rapid BEE Repair and BEE Pure Bodywash! To our delight my daughters skin cleared up within a fortnight and hasn’t come back. We were so impressed with the product my husband and I now also use the BEEautiful Eyes product and the BEE kissable product on ourselves!

I just want to tell you how absolutely amazed I am at Pain BEE Gone (BEE Active). I have had a sore toe which has stopped me from wearing shoes at times and walking for over 15 years. I have tried everything and to no avail. Doctors couldn’t help me and after spending a fortune on pain relief nothing worked. I bought Pain Bee gone for headaches and thought I would try it on my toe. WELL I am absolutely over the moon. For the first time in 15 years I can now walk with no pain. “I am wrapped”. Unbelievable results , thank you so much.

Hey have 4 week old baby I cannot say how amazing the baby buzz cream is on his little toosh he had an infection and was on antibiotics my sis in law gave me it-I thought oh yeah some hipy crap!!! She is a little alternate but it was is absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you
Just wondering if you could suggest something for stretch marks on my tummy??
Thank you so much!!

26th March, 2013

I provided intensive personal care of my mother’s leg’s and feet for three months in hospital and used Rapid Bee Repair to keep her legs healthy. She had some venous pooling in her legs and feet, due to a history of poor circulation, diabetes, and heart issues. This resulted in the skin being very prone to tears and infection. Happy to say that my mother’s legs and feet did not ulcerate or tear, and attracted comments from senior nurses who were amazed at the resilience and luminisity of my mother’s skin. We also used the Bee lip balm to keep her lips moist and again, perfect healthy skin. Despite the resistance from hospital staff about us using the products, they eventually conceded that these were working better than anything they would have used.  (Patricia Gillespie )

I recently gave an elderly friend of mine,  BEE Active  for a troubling arthritic condition in her foot and ankle that was preventing her from placing weight on her legs. This was making her miserable and room bound. Today I received a call from her – absolutely ecstatic about the balm – which she had put on before bed and had a peaceful, pain free sleep. She called it a miracle worker. The nursing home staff were previously handing out pain killers like lollies, and now she does not have to rely on their limited efficacy all the time.  (Patricia Gillespie)

Rachel Bourke
Thank you for your gr8 product Rapid Bee Repair. My burns after 6 weeks of radiotherapy on my chest wall and neck, my skin has now healed with absolutely no trace of it ever happening. I have only been using the Rapid Bee Repair for 8 days now! All the creams and gels and dressings given to me from the hospital didn’t have such a healing impact like your product! Such a gr8 buy which has let me get on with my normal life so so much quicker!

Bush BEE and Rapid BEE Repair are so effective.

My hubby and i purchased the travel pack containing bee repair, bush bee & BEE Active and think it was one of the best purchases we made while on our honeymoon late last year. We have used them on many occasions and love how effective and quick working the bush bee is on insect bites. I have also used both bush bee & bee repair on a burn from a hair straightener on my forehead which i have done before and it took just over two weeks to heal but with using the QueenBee products on a burn that was not only bigger but also on a hotter setting than previous it took just three days to take it from a nasty red stinging welt with a blister in the centre to an area half the size of burn that looked a little like a graze from a piece of fine sandpaper, no pain, no itchiness .i just used bush bee in the morning and bee repair at night so 3 applications of each for complete healing it was 6 small application of each, fantastic considering a less intense burn took over double the time to heal using a burn cream.

H i,  I would just like to say how happy I am with your Manuka Crystal Healing Balm.  As I am ageing I have noticed lines on my body that were not there a few year ago.  I am onto my 2nd tin of your balm and have been using it all over my body and have notices a significant improvement.  The quality and smoothness of my skin is remarkable.   The first tin was the Manuka Honey and  the fragrance was so light that I could use it without any allergic reaction.  My daughter even told me I smelt nice.  Hows that?  For someone who cannot use perfumes that was a lovely complement to hear.  Thank you so much for making a product that works and can be used by people like me with allergies.  Kind Regards, Janelle Tennant

Tracy Brumby-Cameron     6:26pm Mar 14 Facebook Comment.
Love the bee rapid repair, it healed a bad spot of flaky dry skin that I didn’t think was ever going to go away. My Dad has sensitive skin with spots all over him, so i bought some for his 80th birthday

Best cream in the World, have been using it for ages and my serious skin conditions is well and truly under control thanks to Rapid BEE Repair.  Jen De Groot –  FB comment

Hi Di
I have been using Queenbee secrets BEE Radiant for approximately 6 weeks now and have seen an overall tone of my complexion. My skin is more hydrated and the darkest mark on my face has begun to clear. I have unfortunately been diagnosed with a skin cancer on the side of my nose. I am very glad to have been able to use this product as it is making marked difference to my damaged skin .
Kind regards Jane McManus

Peita Budiasa    9TH MARCH Facebook
” Hi Di, just thought I’d give you an update, I was doing a big yard tidy up and my leg was grazed a few times, my skin getting thinner the abrasions bleed a lot and looked nasty. I initially applied a first aid cream that was touted as being a great healer, nothing, I applied rapid bee repair the difference is incredible, virtually over night they are half the size and less angry. A miracle healer I certainly recommend it”

Just wanted to thank you!!!! My sister put me on to your products ( rapid bee repair) for my peeling hands  & I haven’t looked back!! Not only did the rapid repair soothe & get rid of it, it has not returned at all! I love the lip balm ‘Bee kissable’ & I’m also starting on the bee radiant for my face. I love your products!!! xx

“I just wanted to say you Baby Buzz soothing balm is AMAZING!!!! My 10mth old is teething and has had horrible nappy irritations to the point I was about to take her to the doctor. I’d tried all the other nappy treatments and nothing was working. She was in so much pain that last night she didn’t even want to be in the bath and that is her favourite part of the day. Anyway I covered her in Baby Buzz last night before bed and this morning its nearly completely healed!!!! It is a miracle ointment. So to anyone wanting to know if this really works.. IT DOES! Thank you so much from myself and Izabella

Just to let you know this product has worked wonders for my facial skin.  With the harshness of the WA climate, I recently had several cancers removed from the backs of my hands and within a few days the overall healing was excellent.

I for one will continue with these products

Best Wishes for the New Year.

I have been using BEE Radiant and kissable for years. The scaly patch on my hand that the doc wanted to cut our healed in a few weeks. A nail that was only half attached and the podiatrist said would never re-attach is 7/8th attached after a few weeks of using the radiant..was all I had. I cant wait to try the Mossie bush bee. Keep doing the good work.Thanks Dee

I purchased Bee Radiant on Wednesday 19th December 2012 at eumundi markets. I am on holidays from Townsville & I researched your product prior to buying it. I had a large dark spot on my cheek bone & after using your product now for 3 days it has almost disappeared & my skin feels amazing. I love this product & have already told everyone about this. I can’t wait to buy the rest of your products. Allison

15.12.12  I just wanted to let you know that my Stepmother purchased this for my baby and it is the only thing that helped to clear up his skin nappy irritation and dribble rash! Plus we still have heaps left and the whole family have been using it for about 6 months! What a god send. Previously my poor boy was subjected to everything from moisturizers to cortisone creams- all which made him worse. Queen Bee Repair literally had him completely cleared up in a matter of weeks

Hi Dianne
I thought I’d let you know how I find the queenbee products.

In Sept I ordered your pack for adult blemishes and have been using it religiously morning and night as part of my cleansing, etc routine.
Initially I was sceptical about the waxy layer on my skin as was convinced it was going to aggravate an oily skin and possibly stimulate the oil glands and acne. I was wrong. It has a fabulous smooth feel on my face, and even under my usual moisturiser and foundation, I don’t feel like I have layers on my face. It’s almost as if the skin absorbs the product in no time,, probably due to dehydration.
My skin has cleared up about 80% and when I do get a pimple or cyst, that clears up within 2days (max) with no scars! In the past the acne would take up to 10+ days to clear and then leave awful scars. My skin is the best it’s been in over 20yrs…I wish I’d used it earlier in my life. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Kind regards and have a lovely festive season,

Hi, I recently bought your Bush Bee product at the Eumundi markets. My 2 year old son has an allergy to mosquito bites. He gets big itchy welts that normally stay on his skin for a few weeks after being bitten. I have been using your product on his mozzie bites and after a couple of days the bites are practically unnoticeable. I seriously cant believe how well it works and he loves to put on his “stop mozzie” as he calls it! Well done for producing such a fantastic product and I will definitely be telling my friends about it. Tash and Spencer

Hi Di, Thank you for sending my order so quick, I want you to know that i was having treatment on my sun cancers for three weeks after this time my skin was red raw it was like a very bad burn, the pain was really bad especially because my clothing would rub on it. I was at the mind and body expo at South bank with my daughter when i bought your healing balm I went to bathroom and put it on and within twenty minutes my skin was soothed., I couldn’t believe it, I now recommend it to everyone i know, thanks to your product I am now having more treatment on my sun cancers knowing that I can get  relief from your wonderful product, I love it so much i am also using your other products , once again thank you so much, Delma Drew

Leanne May I can’t wait to get my order I am giving some away to friends and family as I want to share this amazing product

At the end of July 2012 my mother had a skin cancer spot frozen on her ear in South Africa.  She came to visit us in Australia end of August 2012 and I looked at her ear which was red, swollen, hot to the touch and had a hard, white crusty patch.  I told her to apply the “purple bee”  as it’s known in our household.  She applied it 4 to 6 times a day and look at her ear after 5 days. What a difference! It is back to normal.

She has since bought a supply of purple bee to stock up and take back to South Africa

Hi Di,

I met you at Mind Body Spirit Brisbane in July and I bought Rapid BEE Repair at my daughters suggestion. I had sun cancers burnt off and it was extremely sore when clothing rubbed on my skin. I went to the ladies and applied the balm, within 20minutes the soreness and pain had ceased and within a few days it was healed. I cannot thank you enough and in fact I am now going to have others treated knowing I can use something natural to help the pain and heal my skin. Thank you again, Adelle. Brisbane

Hi, my name is Amy I don’t know if you will remember me we met at the MBS Brisbane I was the girl in the pure wellness stand across from you, while we were there we swapped protein for some of you amazing products! Your balm has fixed my little brothers acne completely and has helped me with scars and stretch marks, I’m going to right you a testimony and send some photos as soon as I can, I have fallen in love with your product and recommend it to EVERYONE I could be your biggest fan!! I have been thinking about you and your products a lot (as I’m nearly out) and thought I would let you know how grateful I am to have found you and queen bee secrets, thank you so much!  Amy Searchfield

Love Hayley Drennan

I suffer from redness on my cheeks and was looking for a natural product, a friend told me about BEE-Radiant, I also suffer with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities so i had reservations about the essential oils used, especially the lavender but the first time using the product, patchouli is the dominant smell but the smells tone down after a little while and now I really LOVE the smell and look forward to putting it on morning and night.

I am seeing a difference in my cheeks in only 11 days but more so on my wrinkles around my eyes, I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror this morning and seeing how they are seeming less noticeable.WOW!!! I am sooooo impressed.
Thank you so much for your great products.I seriously can’t believe my wrinkles ARE disappearing 🙂 at 42 yo makes me feel there is hope as I age. Tracey – Kingaroy

Hi Di, I would just like to say thank you very much for your advice last week. I gave our little boy (Joshua) a oatmeal bath as suggested until your product arrived. We have used the Baby Buzz twice a day since receiving it on Wednesday & the JoJoba oil in his bath once so far. His skin on his body has definitely improved & the redness has reduced significantly. I will definitely be recommending your wonderful product to others! Thank you very much again. Regards Cathy & Joshua (5 months)

Karen Lang     9:17am Aug 21
Hello, Diane!
I’d just like to begin by saying that at first I was a little disconcerted by the firm texture of the balm, but after following the instuctions to warm it in my palms and between my fingers, it was very easy to apply, even though I’m in Melbourne, and the Winter has been cold this year, it melted very easily, and the spatula made the process simple, and helped to guide how much I would need. Secondly, a little goes an awfully long way! This balm, apart from doing the job, is very economical, due to the fact that such a small amount is required to do the job. I must say, I find, that although fragrance free, I found the smell of the balm pleasant, redolent of honey and faintly of bees wax, but very natural.
I wanted to trial the crystal balm because my hands were an absolute mess, cracking and bleeding at the slightest touch, and would burn if I used anything with fragrance. I’d tried numerous ‘natural’ products to treat the condition, to no avail. Due to Type 1 Diabetes, I steer clear of using cream products too, so I was in a bind. After the very first application of the crystal balm, I noticed that the skin on my hands did not burn, and that the balm absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. For the first time since I could remember, they felt comfortable, like a fire had been put out. From the second application, the deep cracks in my skin no longer bled. I must say, I was pretty amazed that a product could work that well!
It’s now two weeks later, and my hands look and feel rejuvinated, and most of the skin has healed. The deep cracks have almost completely gone, and nothing splits anymore. It’s like the skin has grown more resilient, and is normal in colour and texture. An added side bonus is, my nails are growing like the clappers, and are strong! I’m incredibly pleased with what this balm can achieve, and have started using it on my face. I’ll give you an update about that soon.:) I cant thank you enough for allowing me to trial this product. It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I’ll be purchasing your other products again. Cheers, and if you need any other feedback, or further explaination, just ask.:) I should have taken before and after pics!

15/8/12   Di,  I visited eumundi markets 2 weeks ago and bought rapid repair and the jojoba oil. I have bad skin problems on my legs and arms (the lady working at your stall said it was the worst she had seen in ages!) after using your products for 2 weeks my arms have cleared up a lot and my legs look less angry (my legs were pretty bad – so less angry is good)!  thanks so much for inventing this natural and wonderful smelling product   thanks again bee-ingly yours-   Kim Graham

I would just like to say thank you so much for you brilliant product! I have only been using BEE Radiant for about 3 weeks and have seen a massive improvement in my skin. I will be spreading the word to all my friends and family about this great product. thanks again =)  Sarah Johnston

I KNOW that Royal Jelly improves the elasticity/strength in the skin, have been using BeeRadiant for around a month now and it has improved the skin on my face soo much that it may have saved me the pain and inconvenience of yet another operation to support the structure of my nasal area to enable me to breathe more easily…WOW WOW WOW !! Royal Jelly is truly amazing AND you do not have to wait very long to see huge improvements in the texture and structure of your skin…let alone the appearance! Thanks Di for such wonderful dedication to your dream x Ruth SA

9th Aug, 2012
On a recent visit to Queensland I came across one of your very helpful sales reps who gave me some great information about your products.  I purchased the Rapid Bee Repair cream for my son’s flaky scaly skin  which he has suffered with since he was a baby and is now 18 and still suffering.

He was initially unimpressed as he has tried every cream on the market which do not have a lasting effect and have left his skin patchy , he thought this cream would be no different to the others.

He started using the cream around 5 days ago and we are both very impressed, his skin is finally starting to clear, he is really excited to think that we have finally found something that will end is dry itching skin that has been driving him crazy for 18 years, not only that, but it has also boosted his confidence as he was always self conscious about his skin condition.

Thank you for all of you hard work and effort in creating such a wonderful product, I am looking forward to trying the rest of your range.


Hi Di I’ve been using the Bush Bee to nuke tinea on my mum’s diabetic toes and it has been very effective in a short space of time. We have tried many different chemical and non chemical products with limited success. I’ve also been using the Pain Bee Gone (now BEE active) on mum’s knees in hospital and it has provided great relief and comfort. All the best. Patricia

Baby Buzz is an AMAZING product! I have so may friends expecting I will need to buy in bulk! Casey Grimstone

Jessica Rich
I have been using Baby Buzz on my baby who was 2 months premature. As his little body was so fragile I was cautious not to use anything that may cause him more harm than good. Baby Buzz has been amazing, healing the smallest rash to a horrible sore on his bottom….even the hospitals doctors were amazed!

Diane, I don’t know if you remember me. I met you at the Expo in Melbourne June a couple of months ago. I was complaining of a sudden blemish outbreak and subsequent scarring. You recommended Lavender oil as a toner and the BEE Radiant cream.
To be honest I saw a tiny improvement straight away but wanted to wait and see how for the product could go
I AM THRILLED TO SAY THAT IT ACTUALLY WORKED FOR ME!  I am so relieved to know that there is a product out there that promises so much and ACTUALLY delivers.
Thank you so much Diane for saving me a lot of money and stress!! Great product

I just LOVE your BEE Active , I can’t do without.  Sally Clarke.

Facebook comment June, 2012

Did you know Royal Jelly kick starts Collagen?

Katherine Montagu commented on QueenBEE Secrets’s link.

“Absolutely! Have been using BEE Radiant on my face and hands for twelve months and LOVE IT

I was also looking for something to turn back the hands of time and ERASE these fine lines I had noticed over the past year.

I look forward to washing my face every night so I can use your wonderful products. The SMELL is AMAZING and through the night if I wake up I will actually touch my face just to be able to feel HOW SOFT and BEAUTIFUL my skin feels. I am telling everyone I know.  Aimee Lencz

7/8/12 F/B
I have been using Baby Buzz on my baby who was 2 months premature. As his little body was so fragile I was cautious not to use anything that may cause him more harm than good. Baby Buzz has been amazing, healing the smallest rash to a horrible sore on his bottom….even the hospitals doctors were amazed!

“Have been using Rapid BEE Repair Healing balm on my flaky skin condition and I just ordered a second skin LOVES it..thankyou – Leonie Knoblock / from facebook comment.

2nd Aug, 2012 – Have been using Rapid BEE Repair Healing balm on my skin, just ordered a second skin LOVES it..thankyou  Leonie Knoblock FB

I’ve only used your Repair Balm and Eye Balm on my face, for a week now… and WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE my skin now! I’ve even had customers at work tell my how awesome my skin looks! THANKYOU! :DI 2/8/12

Peita Van Patten

I recently discovered your products and purchased the Bee Radiant and Bee..autiful Eyes..I love them! a ‘side effect’ is that my fingernails have improved due to applying the balm to my face….how amazing! I have had splitting, peeling nails, and already after about a week I notice they are stronger, growing and not peeling anymore.

With thanks and many Blessings to you,
Barbara Elliott – 1st Aug., 2012 Facebook comment.

Cathy Dow I recently had a bad ankle injury, and bought BEE Active just to see if it helped. Love it!! It takes the pain of soft tissue and ligament damage right away. Wouldn’t be without it now. Thank you for a truly amazing product. 1st August, 2012. FB comment

Hi, I just had to share that I have the BEE Kissable lip balm (as well as BEE Snoozie & Bush BEE) and due to not having BEE Repair, I substituted and used my lip balm on my right heel which was quite dry & cracked. After only three days of applying it 3-4 times a day, my heel has softened up and the cracks are much less visible and a lot softer – thanks Di! If this is the results after using the lip balm on my cracked heels, I can only imagine how spectacular the BEE Repair would be!  Rebecca Rutland

Well, I have been using BEE Radiant and BEEautiful Eyes for 1 week now, and this morning a friend told me that my skin was glowing! I was really amazed at first, as I have been (and still am) going through a time of extreme stress which, of course, has taken its toll on my complexion….. then I realised what it must be! (or should I say BEE!). I told her that I have been using these beautiful, handmade, all-natural Royal Jelly products from QueenBEE Secrets and of course, proceeded to tell her about your other products as well…. I expect she will be “googling” QueenBEE Secrets very soon…. Thanks Di, for these beautiful products! (Can’t wait to order some lip balm and Repair balm next time!) ♥ Amber Day

Jan Nash
I am addicted to QueenBee products. I am a chef and my hands have never been so soft. Usually in winter, I have terrible cracks on my thumbs but not this year thanks to QueenBee. I am looking forward to the body wash.

Hi Di,
Just wanted to tell you that I bought the Rapid Bee Repair for my Mum’s sensitive skin. My Mum has always been a fan of the quick fixes  had been prescribed, and was using a lot of prescribed creams, but always found her irritation always came back worse than before.

I decided to buy her the Rapid Repair, and after convincing her to use it on a regular basis (and be patient with results) she is now proudly showing off her skin and said that she is so shocked how well it has worked! There’s still a lot to go, but I just wanted to say Thank You for a product that is natural and not filled with chemicals with a quick fix!
Cass xx

I ordered 2 repair and one snoozie and they arrived within 2 days… You are amazing keep up the great work…I don’t know how I Lived without your Products…Thank so much...Love always Maree xxooxx \(*.*)/

Hi Di, just received my BEE Radiant and LOVE it SO much!! It’s like smearing on a state of calm! You can feel the goodness seeping in straight away….it’s just BEEutiful! Just wondering if you have a hand cream in the pipeline? I’m in desperate need of a really good one!
Best Wishes….Sarah Chapman  29/7/12

I  love my BEE Radiant as do my friends, so much so that I’m buying them their bloody own!! Linda Cork – 30/7/2012

I am now on day 6 of using your cream BEE Radiant and all I can say is ……. WOW!!!!
So happy with the results, my uneven skin tone is fading right before my eyes, my overall skin texture and colour has improved out of sight, and it smells and feels beautiful on!! What a boost to my confidence!! Thank you for creating a natural product that is not only effective but feels so nice on the skin and smells divine!! Keep up the great work, will be recommending to everyone!! Cheers Mel Muntz:) Airlie Beach

Hi, just wanted to let you know how much I love Rapid BEE Repair! I have fair skin, but grew up by the beach and now I’m paying the price with spots and blemishes that don’t heal very well on my face. Within 24 hours of using this product, everything had settled down and started to disappear! What a fabulous balm and something no household should BEE without!!  Sarah Champion

This story is from Dee, her mother is bedridden as a consequence of cancer.
We thank Dee for sharing her story in the hope that this information on natural care may help others. However if problems persist always seek medical advise.

Before Bush BEE                             24 hours later and no ulceration.


Morning Di

Here are some pictures of my Mum’s knee the pressure sore that the doctor was certain was going to turn into an ulcer.

I had some of your balm and decided to give it a try. I applied the Bush BEE antiseptic balm every hour and was amazed the next day.  It looks like a different knee……..

The doctor came to have a check the next afternoon and said WOW what a difference that has made.

He could not believe it and left shaking his head.

Thanks again Di

Rachel Bourke posted on QueenBEE Secrets’s Wall

“Thank you for your gr8 product Rapid Bee Repair. My skin after 6 weeks of radiotherapy on my chest wall and neck has now healed with absolutely no trace of it ever happening. I have only been using the Rapid Bee Repair for 8 days now! All the creams and gels and dressings given to me from the hospital didn’t have such a healing impact like your product! Such a gr8 buy which has let me get on with my normal life so so much quicker! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Rachel’s update

I can not praise your product highly enough. I have now had my 1st appointment with my plastic surgeon to plan my reconstruction and he was absolutely amazed at how my skin had healed from the radiotherapy. He had never seen anyone heal so quick as I have and I told him all about your wonderful product. He was so grateful that there is products like yours out there. Much luv – Great to hear thank you Rachel

I am continually amazed at how Rapid BEE Repair heals my daughter’s skin. She has not had a break out since last winter after using this amazing balm. Today however has been our first cold day this year and her skin problem instantly returned. Straight back to Rapid BEE Repair and it’s almost gone after just one application. Truely amazing. Mellisa Clayton

12th April, 2012

I have been an avid user of QueenBee Secrets balms for some time now. I began by using the Rapid Bee Repair on my hands, then I started using the Bee Radiant on my face. It has faded the darker marks on my face and moisturized my skin considerably. My best friend commented on how good my skin was looking and she is now using Bee Radiant too. I just love it and stocked up on several more tins today. Thanks Diane

Sharon Scown

Dear Di,

May I just say how wonderful my hands and fingernails look after using your amazing balm.

I use to have short, flaky nails that would often split way below the quick line. Now my nails have been strengthened with Rapid BEE Repair and I am proud to place polish on them. I must say I feel gorgeous!! having such nice fingernails. I have tried numerous products over the years but they had little effect. Your balm has given me that WOW factor feeling. Life is good diddle, diddle, diddle, de! Thank you again Janelle Tennant- Gympie

July, 2012

Hi Di,

I bought some Rapid BEE Repair a week ago for my dermatitis that I have put up with for over 20 years. The result in 1 week is that it has GONE. I am totally amazed and am so thrilled with this product. I cant wait to try the other balms you have. Just Fabulous. Thank you.  Sam – Queensland

Being Radiant is something most of us men don’t aspire to however I am honestly astounded with the results of using this product. I had a sun developed skin spot on my temple on the hairline. It was burnt off about 3 years ago but it came back. Thanks to Diane after using BEE Radiant for under a month the spot has now totally gone with no sign of even a scar. The skin on my hands is so much better too they are no longer dry and cracked

Thanks Di – Ron G Brisbie Island

My Job is very demanding on my skin as an International Flight Attendant and I find it very useful when I am in Hotels and on the flights as I get so dehydrated from constant air-conditioned environments. I have been using QueenBEE Secrets Organic Balms for a year now and I absolutely love every one of them. .  I have also suffered from Red itchy skin as my family also suffers from it. I have found your balm helped relieve the symptoms of the skin disorder and helped in the healing of my skin.

It is very important to feed our skin pure products such as Queen BEE as it is simple, very well priced and beautiful in every sense.  Another thing I really strongly believe in, is that Queen BEE is Australian made and owned and I believe it is very important to support Australian products and industries, keep supporting Australia in these small ways and it will make a big difference.

My 15 year old son was in a car accident last year and out of desperation I bought some BEE Active for him as he had knocked his injury and it was extremely painful with severe inflammation and he became bed-ridden.

Within a short time of using the balm he found relief . We were thrilled.  He has continued to use the balm daily as he is still recovering from muscle and tissue damage and I feel sure this is helping him. He takes it with him daily and we are most grateful to have something natural that he is happy to use. Thank you QueenBEE Secrets

I was told that I would love your products. I arrived just after the stall holders 60th birthday and she looked amazing, her skin was glowing. I tried a few items on the day and decided to give the Bee Radiant a trial on my sensitive skin. I have now been using the Bee Radiant for two months and my skin looks and feels much healthier. I no longer have those dry red panda eyes in the winter months. I can’t imagine using any other cream on my face now as they simply do not compare. Thank you very much from another satisfied customer! Donna Buckingham

Just writing to let you know how surprised and delighted I am to find your balm. We bought your cream (Rapid Bee Repair) recently at the Eumundi Market for my daughter who has had constant skin irritation around her mouth.

She has tried lots of creams and promises but has not really liked them – especially the cortisone creams she has had to put on to control the outbreaks. After applying your cream she noticed an immediate difference. She said it felt soothing. She actually enjoys putting it on.

It has greatly improved her condition in just a few short weeks. She also applies it to her hands when she has a break out  with the same results. And most importantly – she enjoys putting it on – without me having to remind her.

Thank you so much it is great. I even intend to try out some of your other balms as we are so happy with the Bee Repair

I have had a split nail since 1990. Last August I purchased one of your balms. I tried everything to make it grow back but nothing happened until I used your product. I now have a beautiful nails again and am so happy with the results

My name’s Louisa and I live in New Zealand. I’m 13 years old and I use your original Rapid BEE Repair skin balm and it’s just PERFECT for me!!!!! I have a kind of x-ma on the sides of my face and when I use this product every night, I can definitely see GREAT results in the morning. I was on holiday in Australia and recently come back home to New Zealand and the pot is nearly empty!!!

I have been absolutely amazed at the results from your cellulite balm. Never before have I used a product that has worked so quickly and effectively.

I thought that perhaps the balm may help my stretch marks from the birth of my two children, reduce, but they have nearly COMPLETELY GONE!!!. I’m now using the balm everywhere, on my décolletage and any other place where I think it may help my overall skin tone. Thank you for inventing such a powerful product.

My name is Judy Butler and I wanted to let you know that I have been using your balms for some time now as I find it is the only thing that stops my skin from drying out. I use it on absolutely everything from mossie bites to chaffing and cracked skin. However I recently purchased two other balms from you, Cellulite Balm.

I have to tell you nothing has helped my skin feel moist for years except your balms. I also found the cellulite balm has helped my thighs look so much better. I can’t thank you enough for putting me onto the Balms in the first place. Years on and I am still using it along with the new range. My friends tell me my skin is looking radiant and glowing

I’ve been using your lovely organic balm for a few months now and they’re just WONDERFUL! I’ve bought tins for friends as well who are equally impressed. My skin looks and feels so much better, I think it’s taken a few years off! Once I moisturize my face with Bee Radiant, immediately my skin looks and feels hydrated and healthy. And my nails haven’t looked this good since I was pregnant! They’re long, strong and beautiful where they always used to be dry and split. I use the lip balm daily and the wax seems to plump your skin back up – no need for botox! It’s amazing.

Thank you again for your fabulous product, I can’t imagine using anything else now. I’ll be back for more when my current supply runs out!

I bought your product ‘Bee Radiant’ at The Eumundi market in March this year. I also trialed your eye cream BEEautiful Eyes which I must say I was very weary of because of my sensitivity to many other eye products. I was amazed to find after using it my eyes were not one bit affected. I love it. It’s now part of my daily skincare regime.

I was so impressed I sent my eighty year old mother ‘Bee Radiant’ for mothers day. She is always complaining about blotchy, dry skin and is thrilled with the dramatic difference to her skin after using your product for only a short time.

I have just sent some to my sister for her birthday.I love the packaging. It’s a nice gift for friends and family.

I have been using Bee Radiant for nearly two years now. The difference in my nails is amazing.I have a split in my thumb nail which is well under control. I am going to take your advice and start using it on my face. Thank you for such a beautiful product. I fully recommend it to anyone who has nail problems

I found your stall at the Eumundi Markets 12 months ago with my 10yr old daughter in considerable discomfort with lips that were so dry and cracked they were bleeding. You gave her a sample of Bee Kissable and I purchased a jar desperate for something new that might work.

By the time we left the markets she was saying that her lips didn’t sting anymore and with 10 days of constant use, they were back to normal.

We now all use Bee Kissable on daily basis and both my girls have taken a tin to school every day during the winter months to prevent such dry lips again. Thanks you so much for sharing this wonderful product.

I have also used your Rapid Bee Repair on itchy dry spots on her back and legs with immediate soothing results that completely cleared within a few weeks. Another great product with fantastic results. I am now trying several of your other products Bee Radiant and Bee autiful eyes I purchased the other week an will let you know how these fair

I am so happy that I have discovered Queen Bee Secrets! I have had red irritated itchy skin for years and have been using creams which contain chemical substances that have not worked.

After using Queen Bee Secrets for just a few days my skin has cleared.. I cannot believe it. Finally a product is out that that is both , affordable and unbelievably effective. I feel like a new woman thanks to Queen Bee.

Your products are truly amazing! Thank you

It was lovely to meet you on Sunday. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.

I was discussing with a friend last week the best thing to use on my 7 year old daughter’ skin. She has suffered from dry red and flaky skin all her life. My friend suggested I try some Queen Bee Healing Balm, which she gave me. I have used so many different products over the past 7 years, but have never found anything to work so quickly!!

My daughter is extremely fussy about what creams i use on her, but will happily let me use your gorgeous smelling Lavender Rapid BEE Repair

After a week and a half the skin on her face has cleared up completely and her arms and legs are looking the best they have in years.

I am extremely excited about your product, and look forward to trying them all!

Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you soon.Christine

About 8 weeks ago i purchased two of your products – BEE Active and Bee Radiant. I have been amazed by both of them.
I have arthritis in my fingers and was in a lot of severe pain on the day i bought the products.

I used it as you suggested and within two hours the pain had gone. I have used it whenever the pain starts up again, which is not very often now, always with the same dramatic results. Recently I used it on my son-in-law who has a condition that gives him a lot of pain in his feet. It was wonderful and he has just ordered a tin for himself.
As for the Bee Radiant, the change in my skin has been amazing. Everyone notices the change, and ask me what i have done. I had very dry skin and now it is continually moisturised, feels beautiful, and my youngest daughter has asked me to order some for her. She used some of mine and loved the texture and feeling of her skin after using it…and she is a make-up artist and very careful about grooming and looking after herself!!

Thankyou Dianne, for your beautiful and natural products. I love them

I am a 22 year old law student and have been suffering from blemishes for some time and have wasted a lot of money on harsh medicated products that either had an adverse effect on my skin or temporarily controlled break outs. When I become stressed I tend to break out a lot around my jaw bone and nothing seemed to work aside from harsh products such as Benzyl Peroxide.

Fortunately, a friend from my office bought me your QueenBee Secrets skincare routine as a gift, I was pessimistic that an organic product could help my uncontrollable break outs! Regardless, I gave it a go and only used the QueenBee Secrets products, I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED with the results…. After one week – not only did my breakouts settle and stop, but all my red spots  slowly started to disappear. My dry winter skin had gone, my skin tone has evened out and my skin has had a MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT! I have only used this product for a month or two but I am very excited that I have finally found a GENTLE PRODUCT THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!

The CALMING QUEENBEE LAVENDER TONER is an amazing toner which I use before the balm, as facial spritz or a few drops on my pillow if I am feeling stressed, it is also a peace of mind that the lavender is organic, Australian made and I believe it is home grown too. The BEE RADIANT BALM is very EFFECTIVE as a multi-purpose balm which has heled my overall complexion.

Not only are the products amazing, but the support from the QueenBee Secrets Team is fantastic. Will definitely recommend and buy this AUSTRALIAN MADE product again !!! Thanks Diane and the team from QueenBee Secrets

Hi Di, I came to Eagle Farm and saw you this morning to buy a few of the bee radiants for my friends and also a bee repair, “My name is Emma and I am 25 years old. I’ve been using Bee Radiant every night for about 4 months and I love it!! My skin has never looked and felt so good, I’ve even got my boyfriend using it. My friends at work also noticed my skin and after trying it they are also addicted!! Thanks Di for a fantastic product and at a great price, no more expensive moisturisers!!

I had read about your product at the Eagle farm Markets about a year ago, up until then I had suffered from redness on my cheeks.  I have been using your product on my skin religiously ever since. My redness has virtually disappeared! Amazing!!

Hi, my name is Julie (from Queensland) and I’d like to share with you my story of miraculous skin healing, with the help of Queen Bee Secrets, Rapid Bee Repair. I had undergone six weeks of accumulative daily Radiation treatments for Breast Cancer and by the final week my skin was very raw and tender. The well meaning nurses at the hospital that I was attending offered to dress my breast, back and shoulder each day, with one of their “soothing gels”! Well, within two days the whole area was deep red to purple with a severe skin reaction to the gel. I still had another 5 radiation treatments to go, and was told that the effects of the radiation, on the skin would continue, and peak at about 6 to 10 days after the finish of the treatments. I was sent home, after the completion of the treatments, with a thick Zinc Ointment to apply to the entire area daily. After several days all the skin began to peel off in large strips. My breast, back and shoulder were still a painful dark red so once the skin had peeled I gladly ceased the sticky Zinc applications and began to apply Di’s Rapid Bee Repair. It was soft, soothing and a lot more “user friendly” than the Zinc, and day by day I became absolutely amazed at the rapid healing process that was taking place in front of my eyes. Within a 2 week period that amazing product had alleviated all signs of the severe burns and the allergic reaction as well. Try it ! I know that I’ll be keeping some around the house, for whatever skin repair jobs come up in the future.

I first discovered Queen Bee Radiant at the Eumundi market this year while on holiday. I use it every day as I work outside with my job and I swim in chlorine pools regularly. My wife really feels that my skin is looking better than ever and I really believe this is a great natural product. My wife is now using it too, as it is all natural with no chemicals. Thanks you for a wonderful product

Hi Di,

My family and I are Australians, now living in Dijon, France. On a recent trip back to Oz, I went to the Eumundi markets and discovered your products. Needless to say, I am more than a little impressed.

We are, unfortunately, a very allergic family, so it was not really a surprise that both of our boys were born with inherited  skin conditions. Within weeks both of them showed severe symptoms, though our second child grew out of the worst of the symptoms at around the age of two. Our first born however, now six and a half, has suffered a lot. As a small child he had head to toe angry red welts that dried out and bled when he rubbed and scratched. We did the usual round of allergists, specialists…….and more than the usual alternatives (acupuncture, energy balancing…you name it!). We also tried all of the diet controls. My first born was breastfeed to 18 months and was never given a bottle. In his first 6 months before solids I did all the elimination diets to clean out my breast milk, and this continued once he himself was on solids…. but nothing worked.

Eventually, at around the age of three, our third allergist finally accepted what I had long suspected. That my son is polysensitive and reacts to numerous things. He is mildly allergic to some food items, but not allergic enough that eliminating them makes any difference. He also reacts strongly to the environment, how much pollen is in the air, whether it is too hot or too cold, or the temperature changes quickly. He reacts most strongly to stress, overexertion (if he’s having fun and running like crazy outside). Short of putting him in a bubble, how do you prevent red sore skin when so many things trigger it?

Finally we made peace with the idea of simply trying to manage his symptoms as best we could. Unfortunately, aside from trying every cream, oil, gel… name it….in production, the only thing that has ever given him comfort is cortisone. As he has grown older, he has begun to grow out of some of his allergies which cause the welts and his sensitivities have lessened. When he was younger we needed the cortisone, and sometimes anti-histamines, simply so he didn’t rub himself bloody and so he could sleep. Now we use cortisone only when the irritation drives him to rub the skin raw, or if we are on holidays so he can continue to enjoy the pool. We have tried numerous times over the years to stop using cortisone, but invariably we come back to it to give him peace and comfort (and sleep and to keep his skin blood free). Unfortunately, the place he suffers worse as he gets older is his face.

As he has gotten older, the skin on his face has become less severe and his life is no longer dominated by it. As a result, we use the cortisone more and more infrequently (instead of daily or weekly, it is perhaps once every 4-6 months). But still, we are usually obliged to resort to its use. During my recent Australian trip I purchased a number of products, as is my habit, to bring back and try out. It is spring here in France, which is beautiful, but also one of our worst times for his skin.. My son has had this problem on his face (on his eyelids, directly under his eyes, cheeks, around the mouth, ears) for 4 weeks now, but we have not once resorted to cortisone. Your repairing balm has helped make the itching bearable and it soothes his skin. His skin flairs and calms several times a day, and will not go away, but this is the first time he has survived such an outbreak without rubbing his skin raw. Your product is helping us break the cortisone cycle.

I know his skin has probably been damaged by years of cortisone use; but what can you do when your child is crying in distress and can’t sleep? So many times I’ve wanted to scream at well-meaning acquaintances who inform me that cortisone is very bad for the skin……as if I didn’t know!! Finally, we may have found help to break this dependence and start healing his skin, rather than just managing it. This summer we will again be holidaying near the beach and near a pool (usually both irritate his skin) but this year, no matter how many tins of your product we need to use, I feel confident that he will be able to enjoy swimming and not need cortisone, for the first time.

I’m very happy to have discovered your product, and after having read the testimonials on your website, I think that in my next order I might try something out for myself. Feel free to use as much of this email as you wish in your list of testimonials. I have often read them, but never been one of the people sharing a success story.

My name is Raeleigh and I met you at the Eumundi markets and bought the healing balm and the rapid repair balm!!! I am IN LOVE!!!! I have recently grown gel nails off and my nails were in a sad state…. Rapid repair has made a huge difference and they are now getting better everyday. I also suffer tension headaches and the healing balm helps dramatically in easing the tension. I’m telling EVERYONE I know and am coming back up on Saturday and look forward to see you again…

Some time ago I spent some time in Brisbane and discovered your original Rapid BEE Repair Skin Balm It makes miracles on my 8 y.o. Son’s skin and I was wondering if I could find it in New Zealand? Or maybe have it sent here?

First and foremost let me tell you what a huge fan I am of your products. I’ve only been using a couple of your balms for a month or so and have never used anything so effective before in my life. The BEE Radiant is absolutely beautiful on my skin and don’t need to moisturize again for the rest of the day after using a little of this in the morning. I doubt I’ll ever use anything else! My daughter suffers terribly from a mosquito allergy and your Bush Bee has literally worked wonders on her poor little bitten legs! As per your instructions, I applied a little to each bite to help soothe the soreness and the effects were immediate. She no longer has the need to scratch till they bleed and the scaring has reduced dramatically. Her daycare Mum has noticed, her Nanna and several friends have also commented on the amazing improvement.

Thanks for the balm, miraculous stuff. After banging my leg (ouch! ouch! ouch!) on the edge of the bed in the wee hours I went to sleep and thought no more about it. It wasn’t until after teaching for a couple of hours standing on the leg that the pain became intolerable and I couldn’t even stand. Within 20 minutes of applying the balm over the immediate area above point of injury between the knee and sock line the pain subsided and I could stand again. Over the next few days I compared it by alternating days with using Emu Oil and then Hyradoid (a doctors’ recommendation) neither of which helped. Eventually the whole lower leg Knee to the sole of the foot went deeply bruised and even dark grey in areas. Using your balm the pain went away and specially noticeable in the area above the sock line where I first applied the balm the bruising cleared over 1 week before the other areas where I had not applied the balm until a couple of days or so later. 3 weeks later it now appears that the shin bone was actually cracked and the bone is still swollen but no pain.

BEE Radiant is just FANTASTIC. I have been using your products for about 3 mths and can tell the difference . They are fantastic .. My friend also is using the Bee Radiant and the difference is Fantastic …

Di thankyou for your email. I did as you had suggested and used Rapid BEE Repair and we have had no problems,YES!!.She has had no reactions at all and more so she loves it. She  also has a peanut allergy. She is 12 years old,a very important time for her .She does have slight skin issues when she is run down or ill.She was really bad with v. dry itchy skin as a young child but only seems to flare up now and again. Anyway I thank you for taking the time to get back to us. Nicola and Georgia

I have been a long time sufferer of a very sore  knee from 4 knee operations. I have tried just about every medical remedy from tablets to creams, and nothing seems to take away the discomfort. That is until I discovered Queen bee secrets. I have been using bee active for 2 months with amazing success.I work as a chef and am on my feet all day bee active is exactly that,amazingly this is the only product which really works to relieve the pain of my knee. I let a co-worker try it on her knee and it was just as effective with her. I highly recommend BEE Active to any one suffering sore muscles and limbs

Just writing to let you know, as promised, how absolutely delighted I have been with the product Pain BEE Gone,(BEE Active ) which I purchased for my 89 year old father, about six months ago now. He has suffered from worsening pain and aches and ‘restless legs’ in his feet and legs for the last few years, due to Peripheral Vascular disease, which means the circulation of blood to his lower limbs is impaired die to hardening of veins. The doctors had been unable to give him any real relief, apart from some fairly heavy-duty pain medication, which was not ideal for him to be taking regularly. Within the first week of using the Pain BEE Gone balm it had made a HUGE difference to the appearance and state of the skin on his lower legs, which was very close to ulcerating. A further month of daily application, and he reported requiring less pain relief, to the point that six months later, to the best of my knowledge, he is no longer needing any medication. Six months later, with fairly regular application, the skin on his lower legs and feet looks vastly improved, with no hint of ulceration or build up of dead skin. The colour also looks much better and he reports his feet don’t ache very much after his weekly round of 9 holes of golf! And his handicap has improved! (Not sure if I can give credit to the balm for that but he’s definitely able to walk for longer periods than he used to). Whilst the existing condition will never reverse, there is NO doubt in my mind, that there is a strong possibility he may have required some form of amputation of parts of his lower limbs, due to ulceration, by now, if Pain BEE Gone had not turned up. I’m so thrilled to be able to help him using something so natural. Sincere thanks for a wonderful product !!

Recently I was given your Bee Active (previously known as Pain BEE Gone) for a present. For a long time I have suffered with a very painful knuckle on my hand and have tried many different oils etc. to no avail. After applying your Balm the pain and inflammation just disappeared overnight!
It was amazing and such a relief to be pain free!

I continue using your “miracle” product as well as some of your others on a daily basis with excellent results. I have recommended your “Queen BEE Secrets” to many of my friends

I have been using Rapid Bee Repair on my daughter’s itchy red skin and can not believe the improvement in such a short period of time. Her skin was very red, sore and irritated, Rapid Bee Repair has already removed the redness and the irritation has almost disappeared in less than 2 weeks. I can’t thank you enough for the relief this has given Emily. We are also loving the bee kissable lip balm it feels smooth, silky and light on your lips – just perfect

I recently discovered Queen Bee Secrets at the Eagle Farm markets, and purchased the Bee Radiant to use as my daily moisturizer. Whilst I have rarely worn make-up in my 53 years, I have diligently used a moisturizer and eye cream all my adult life. My toiletry bag is overflowing with all the different bottles and jars………day cream, night cream,sunscreen…….SO…..I have been using the Bee Radiant for a month now, and am amazed!! My face feels bee..utiful and my skin is so soft. The Bee Radiant keeps sort of releasing all through the day as it warms up, and you only use such a small amount at a time. I have banished all the other jars to the back of the cupboard (except sunscreen, of course!) and am really happy to use the one product day and night! My aunt and my mother are also now using this product and loving it……watch for their testimonial,too!!

Having bought 3 of your products to try when at Caloundra 3 months ago, I have been very happy with the results of BEE Radiant cream & the Bush BEE & especially the Rapid BEE repair. Having had gel nails I decided to let them be natural but my nails were very “thin”. Using Rapid BEE repair numerous times each day I now have lovely strong and longer nails. Even my age spots have faded on my hands & arms when using BEE Radiant Having a manicure a few weeks ago & the lady asked how I cared for my nails as they were in really good condition. I proudly pulled out my tin of Rapid BEE repair! Looking forward to using the BEE autiful eye cream & BEE Kissable lip balm I picked up today from you at Eagle Farm Markets in Brisbane. Thank you so much

I bought a tin of Rapid Bee Repair for my daughter’s sensitive skin especially on her legs while on holiday’s. WOW, what an amazing cream. Just after the first 2 days we noticed a BIG difference, so out went all the over counter creams and in with Rapid Bee Repair…..I HAVE ATTACHED PHOTO’S OF THE AMAZING CHANGE FOR YOU TO SEE. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS CREAM ENOUGH. Excellent value for money too. Thanks for inventing this wonderful cream….


About eight weeks ago I brought a tin of “Bee Radiant” and all “we” can say it THANK YOU.
My partner and I absolutely love this product, not only does it smell and feel delicious the results are wonderful.
My skin feels so soft, smooth and refreshed (coming from being super dry and blotchy).
My partners skin looks plump and full and his deeper lines are smoothing out week by week.
I wish we had of taken photos before and after as the results have been substantial for both of us.
At first I was unsure how well makeup would sit on top of this product and I was pleasantly surprised as it sits so well and my skin glows.
Our daughter was visiting recently and was amazed by the vibrancy of both of our skin and now wants a tin too.
Great product. Love it!

Rapid BEE Repair –  This product is the magical potion that cured my little Ben’s chronic skin condition.  you Thank you.

Since I have been using the Bee Radiant, my red cheeks have  calmed down drastically and my skin is soft and hydrated No more redness or inflammation! Finally I have found a product I can use which doesn’t irritate my skin and which I am using and absolutely love! I am singing your praises Thank you.

Dear Di,
Just to let you know that my sister has been using the Rapid Repair on my nephew’s irriated red skin and it has given him great relief. The majority of it has gone, and all of the painful redness has gone completely. I gave him a big cuddle and he also smells lovely (which he thought was hilarious!). The skin is now soft and supple also. Congratulations again on a wonderful product – so happy to have a natural product to use on his little skin.

I purchased your QueenBEE BEE Active Balm last week and have used it every day since. As an 18year old with poor circulation, this balm has worked a treat. I have previously been diagnosed with Raynauds Phenomenom resulting in extremely cold fingers and toes

As soon as I applied this balm to my fingers and feet, I noticed my fingers went pink and began to warm which was the same with my toes. Using it twice a day, I have noticed that my fingers do not get as cold as they used to. Since using this balm I have also not had a recurrence of Raynauds where my fingers turn completely white due to lack of blood. I realise that this balm is not a cure, but it will surely help me manage this condition. Thank you.

I have been using the Rapid Bee repair for approx. 6 months and have found it very effective in relieving cracked skin on my hands. The balm keeps my hands moist and relieves the itch that I have suffered from for many years. After 49 years of having this problem I have tried everything to cure and relieve my condition and have found your product economical, effective and easy to use. I’m sure I will see you again, when I need some more.

Dear Di. Thank you for introducing me to your products. I stumbled upon your store at the mind body and spirit expo in sydney. Your consultant put a small amount of the repair on my heels whilst I walked around. My heels have been my bone of contention for the last 2 years since I had a double knee replacement. Over the last 2 years all possible forms of creams( prescription and non prescription) has been tried to no avail.I can scrap and peel dead skin off every 2 days especially in summer and the feel and sound of them on the bed sheet is like sand paper. That 1 application of repair was enough for me as 24hrs later-no dead skin..I have since bought a supply and use it daily and am trialing the BEE Active on my clients and the repair on other clients.