Paws BEE Perfect


NEW    Paws BEE Perfect – Paws Nose and Skin Balm for your Pet – 50g

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Meet Toby, our Mascot for Paws BEE Perfect!

We are so excited about our new Pet Balm! Dogs, cats and even horses can benefit from this delightful blend of Hemp Seed oil, Calendula and Lavender oils, Grapeseed, Australian Manuka Honey (AustL338214) and beeswax base. Together they make a highly effective moisturising and healing balm for paws, noses and skin irritations.

We test all of our balms on humans but this one is especially for fur babies. We love our first organic pet-care product and will be expanding the range as nature shares more pet-friendly secrets with us.



Paws BEE Perfect 50g

Our QueenBEE Secrets Pet, Toby, is an absolute joy and making sure he's well cared for is our No.1 priority as he grows. In part, he's the inspiration behind our new all-natural pet-care product, Paws BEE Perfect. Much like our human clients, our fur babies deserve access to the best of nature's secrets to keep their skin (and coats) healthy and BEEautiful.

With our furry friends in mind, we combined Hemp Seed oil, Calendula and Lavender oils with our beautiful Grapeseed base to produce a delightful balm that dogs, cats and even horses can benefit from. It helps heal paws, noses and skin irritations and moisturises so effectively it makes an awesome addition to your pet's first aid kit.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil - Perfect for pets' skin and fur, this oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It alleviates dry skin and is rich in Omega 3 & 6 which help heal cracked paws, noses and skin. It's also safe to lick!

Organic Calendula Oil - Calendula is known to assist wound healing. This antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil helps to relieve redness and soothe the affected skin area.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender is well known for its calming effect on wounds which make it a great choice for soothing irritated paws and skin. We've added just enough for those soothing and antibacterial benefits but not enough for the fragrance to affect your fur babies.

We also added our locally sourced Organic BEESWAX and Australian MANUKA Honey (AustL338214) to this product. That means that you can enjoy all of nature's goodies from the rest of our range while your fur baby enjoys nature's secrets too. It’s pet care in a balm


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Weight 55 g
Dimensions 40 × 60 × 40 mm