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    BEE Skin Recovery | Moisturising Relief Balm


    NEW – Australian MANUKA Honey +20 medicinal grade. 200ml. Soothing Relief Balm -Superior moisturiser. Suitable for normal to dry skin in maintaining HEALTHY skin.
    This new balm was developed for a 13 yr old girl suffering TSW. It’s moisturising effects were significant and helped the torn skin to sooth giving instant relief.

    Contains 100% Natural ingredients.

    Australian Manuka (Jelly Bush) Honey +20 MGO 820 Active., Shea Butter, Grape seed oil, Vitamin E, Kernal Oil,(Sustainable plantation)  Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (From plant ) Organic Beeswax, Soya Bean oil, Pure Lavender essential oil..02% . The Lavender essential oil in this balm is very minimal with hardly any odour, it is used to assist in alleviating itch and irritation along with anti bacterial properties.


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  • Rapid BEE Repair

    From: $17.95

    Organic Balm with Royal Jelly rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and pantothenic acid, essential for healthy cell renewal. Includes pure lavender essential oil, helps calm redness and sooth irritation of the skin.

    Available in a 25g or 50g tin (select below).

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  • BEE Radiant


    BEE Vibrant BEE Glowing and Youthful! Royal Jelly Moisturizing Revitalizing Balm, Patchouli, Rose, Rosehip oils to assist the signs of aging. WHY DO SOME SAY ?  “Royal Jelly is the Elixir of Life and Nature’s alternative to Botox”.

    Available in a 50g tin.

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  • anti ageing

    BEEautiful Eyes


    Our BEEautiful Eye balm is silky smooth with ingredients from the Australian Bush, Royal Jelly and Certified Organic Botanicals Frankincense, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Rose and Rosehip Oil.

    For use on delicate eye area and around lip line to help combat fine lines. Designed for sensitive skin. You will BEE Amazed!

    Available in a 25g tin.

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  • BEE Active

    From: $17.95

    When it comes to sore muscles, aches and pains there’s nothing nicer than a good rub with a soothing relaxing balm. Arnica, Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender will be just the thing to get your body feeling active in no time.

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  • BEE Pure


    Sensitive Skin Balm BEE Pure Manuka Body Balm. 100% natural, Medicinal Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Balm for super sensitive skin.

    Available in a 50g tin.

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  • BEE Kissable


    Pure healthy lip balm for seriously chapped and cracked lips. Our secret Lip Balm helps keep lips as they should bee – soft and moist all day long. With ingredients from the Australian bush and just a hint of Lavender essential oil.

    Made with love – You will BEE Amazed or your money back!

    Available in a 20g tin.

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  • BEE Youthful Anti Ageing Gift Pack



    Royal Jelly & Certified Organic Botanicals. Included in your BEE Youthful Gift Pack is;
    BEE Radiant
    BEEautiful Eyes

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  • Bush BEE

    From: $17.95

    Bug Balm – 100% Natural and Australian Made anti bug balm, repel insects naturally. sooth bites and stings.With Organic Lemon Scented Eucalyptus essential oil to naturally repel bugs and sooth minor bites and abrasions. Lemon Scented Eucalyptus oil is pure Australian so we say  Not just for Aussie Mozzies!!”

    Available in 25g or 50g tins (select below).

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  • Baby BUZZ

    Pure Balm for Little Bubs

    Baby Buzz is natural and pure with Australian unrefined beeswax and gentle Paw Paw to help protect little ones.

    Available in a 25g tin.

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  • BEE Snoozie


    BEE Snoozie Relaxation Balm is recommended for 18yrs and over.

    The magic of Organic essential oils of Lavender, Valerian, Sweet Marjoram and Bergamot are well known throughout history for relaxation.

    Available in a 20g tin.

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  • BEE Honey Kissed


    BEE Honey Kissed lip balm with Healing MANUKA HONEY. Our newest addition. YOU ask and we listen. Healing Manuka Honey from the BEES.

    Available in a 20g tin.

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  • BEE Natural Travel Pack


    “Don’t go Bush or Beach without it”   You will BEE Amazed or money back.

    Handy travel pack for all your personal holiday requirements.

    BEE Active – Muscular and Joint Rub Balm
    Rapid BEE Repair – Organic Skin Balm
    Bush BEE – Anti Bug Balm

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  • Body BEE Smooth


    Pure Cellulite and Stretch mark Defence Balm. Queen BEE Secrets Royal Jelly, 100% Natural and Handmade.

    Available in a 50g tin.

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  • Damaged Skin Kit


    Cracked and Dry Scaly Skin may benefit from a combination of Jojoba oil and Rapid BEE Repair. Jojoba oil is Australian Organic and is known for it’s nourishing and moisturizing properties on and within the skin cells.

    • 1 x 50ml Jojoba Oil
    • 1x 50gram Rapid BEE Repair Balm
    • PLUS information brochure on product
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  • Acne Kit for Adults


    BEE your BEEautiful self with our Acne Adult Kit. Nature’s alternative with secrets from the bees makes for an easy to use and effective method in combating acne and maintaining glowing healthy skin. Suitable for 19 years plus.

    • 1 x 15ml Organic Pure Lavender essential oil – Toner
    • 1 x 50g BEE Radiant rejuvenating Balm – Moisturizer
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  • Jojoba Oil


    Natural Jojoba oil is in fact a wax. It is a similar compound to human sebum. When used in conjunction with Rapid BEE Repair the skin is softened leaving skin feeling fresh and alive.

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    Green Tea

    Mandarin & Green Tea Facial Exfoliant


    Keep skin looking good with this gentle yet effective facial scrub containing Mandarin essential oil rich in Vitamin C and beautiful Green Tea. Mandarin rich in Vitamin C  helps dispel toxins and is high in anti bacterial properties suitable for most skin types without drying out skin tissue.

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