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Although good things certainly do often come in small packages, sometimes great things come in bigger packages! Queen Bee Secrets offers a range of package deals for particular age groups and needs so that customers can avail themselves of the good stuff without breaking the bank. For example, there’s the BEE Youthful Anti Aging gift pack, which comprises a 50g tin of Bee Radiant and a 25g tin of BEEautiful Eyes, for just $61.00 – a saving of $5.45 on buying them separately. Then there’s the acne kit for teens and acne kit for adults, or the BEE Natural Travel Pack, which features everything you need to get by when you’re out and about – the BEE Active Muscle Rub, the Bush BEE anti-bug balm and Rapid Bee Repair, the flagship of the range which is simply fabulous for all skin irritations and minor burns.

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  • BEE Youthful Anti Ageing Gift Pack



    Royal Jelly & Certified Organic Botanicals. Included in your BEE Youthful Gift Pack is;
    BEE Radiant
    BEEautiful Eyes

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  • BEE Natural Travel Pack


    “Don’t go Bush or Beach without it”   You will BEE Amazed or money back.

    Handy travel pack for all your personal holiday requirements.

    BEE Active – Muscular and Joint Rub Balm
    Rapid BEE Repair – Organic Skin Balm
    Bush BEE – Anti Bug Balm

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  • BEE Pure Bodywash


    What we put in our body wash comes from Nature – Certified Organic Honey for sensitive skin.

    Available in a 250ml bottle.

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  • Damaged Skin Kit


    Cracked and Dry Scaly Skin may benefit from a combination of Jojoba oil and Rapid BEE Repair. Jojoba oil is Australian Organic and is known for it’s nourishing and moisturizing properties on and within the skin cells.

    • 1 x 50ml Jojoba Oil
    • 1x 50gram Rapid BEE Repair Balm
    • PLUS information brochure on product
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  • Acne Kit for Teens


    BEE the REAL YOU! Tone and Balance.

    • Minimize outbreaks
    • Refine open pores
    • Balance T Zone
    • Improve appearance of skin

    (12 years through to young adults 19 years of age)

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  • Acne Kit for Adults


    BEE your BEEautiful self with our Acne Adult Kit. Nature’s alternative with secrets from the bees makes for an easy to use and effective method in combating acne and maintaining glowing healthy skin. Suitable for 19 years plus.

    • 1 x 15ml Organic Pure Lavender essential oil – Toner
    • 1 x 50g BEE Radiant rejuvenating Balm – Moisturizer
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  • Jojoba Oil


    Natural Jojoba oil is in fact a wax. It is a similar compound to human sebum. When used in conjunction with Rapid BEE Repair the skin is softened leaving skin feeling fresh and alive.

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