A Very Special Gift    

Live to Love – Listen to your Heart,  Allow it to Dance!

New 10ml Roll on Essential oil blend .

Place perfume on pulse points, neck and heart area to impart feelings of warmth and love of self. Place the poem on your fridge to remind us how important it is to come from love for self and others.

One Women’s story

Live to Love has been developed to create a feeling of warmth and love of self by Di creator of QueenBEE Secrets.

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Di followed her passion of Poetry and Potions to develop this unique perfume and the poem is one Di wrote many years ago. Proceeds from sales will be going to the McGrath Foundation as the care given by their nurses is absolutely imperative in helping women and men to understand their prognosis and to aid them in the healing process.

The Perfume is 100% Pure Rose Damask, Tuber Rose and Jasmine essential oils, with Jojoba oil. Placed on pulse points, neck and heart area this perfume (potion) is designed to enter the bloodstream and travel to the sympathetic nervous system where the oils can aid in feelings of self worth, love and a sense of calm.

The Poem, Live to Love is about self love.  It reminds us just to be ourselves, to listen to our hearts and to allow it to dance.

I hope you enjoy this gift . We thank you for supporting the McGrath Foundation.

Blessings to all from Di and staff.

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