Our balms are Australian handmade from 100% natural ingredients.

Royal Jelly combined with Pure Essential oils. Both rich in life essences.

What Makes our Balms so Special?

Our skin ages for many reasons and there are many people who suffer dry itchy problem skin .  Skin is a living breathing tissue and therefore needs feeding. As we age our skin cells become less efficient, cell renewal slows down. Our skin thins and loses its flexibility.

Royal Jelly is a remarkable complex substance that offers in trace amounts the following nutritional substances.

Royal Jelly has remarkable properties as noted in the European Journal of Dermatology A study was published on dry skin and the benefits of Royal Jelly.
10-HDA – a natural fatty acid – which is only found in Royal Jelly, could possibly assist in the correction of skin barrier dysfunction. They found that 10 – HDA increased new skin growth and that it is also anti-inflammatory. Hydration in the skin increased by +60.4% after 21 days of using cream with 10 –HDA.

Other nutrients in Royal Jelly include:

  • 10 Essential Amino Acids – Some say these are the elixir of life
  • Vitamins A D E C K and B complex. – Abundant antioxidants, wound healing and protection from further damage.
  • Rutin – Anti inflammatory and anti oxidant benefits
  • 16 Minerals
  • 19 Proteins – Regenerate and renew skin cells
  • 18 Enzymes- Resurface skin tissue
  • Vitamin B Complex- Anti oxidants essential in maintaining youthful skin.
  • Pantothenic Acid – Nature’s highest source yet discovered. Pantothenic acid converts to vitamin B5 which is necessary in producing new skin cell growth and producing antibodies.             (Chairman of Royal Jelly Research foundation USA)
  • Perhaps the most interesting substance within Royal Jelly is a Gelatin which helps promote existing collagen.
  • 28 Assorted additional elements. – Including Zinc to repair skin cells.

Aromatherapy – Pure Essential oils

Aromatherapy is a age old natural method for healing body, mind and spirit

At QueenBEE Secrets we have developed different balms incorporating pure essential oils with royal jelly. Our essential oils are certified organic for premium quality.  (see our FAQ for more information).

Learn more about our ingredients!

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What makes Organic Beeswax from the AUSTRALIAN bush so special?

Unrefined beeswax contains traces of

  • Propolis
  • Honey
  • Pollen collected from plant material from our clean and green Australian bush adds to bacteria fighting properties produced by our Aussie bees.

Making The Balms

Di has a secret supply of bee product and knows exactly where it comes from having had hives herself she understands the importance of this. With Di’s background in Aromatherapy specific botanical essences are then selected and combined with Royal Jelly and natural ingredients to complete the process.

Balm is lovingly poured by hand into the containers. We believe the human factor in this makes all the difference to the quality and energy of our balms.