BEE Skin Recovery 2016

In 2016 A young girl came to us for help after suffering TSW for several years.

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How a young girl’s plight lead to
BEE Skin Recovery.
In 2016 a young girl Meghan came to QueenBEE Secrets suffering almost all of her young 13 years from ECZEMA With steroid creams the only alternative to alleviate the itch Meghan’s skin became addicted to the use of these creams and so a vicious cycle began. Her skin shed daily and the pain was unbearable. Wrapped in bandages for most of the day and missing school for several terms, life for this young girl was very strained. Meghan’s Mum turned to nature for answers and found the first of two miracles.
The first was QueenBEE Secrets . From the first application of Rapid BEE Repair the strain on this young girls face lifted and she did a little jig around the room as it was so soothing and didnt sting like so many other products she had tried.
When told of her plight Di from QueenBEE Secrets got to work and developed a balm to suit Meghans needs further.
Using Australian Manuka Honey (Jelly Bush Honey) and 100% natural ingredients BEE Skin Recovery was born.
Today hundreds of tsw and eczema sufferers have benefited from this natural soothing product. How it is made is one key to it’s secret the other is using Australian Manuka Honey from their own source.
We love helping others, it is what we do best.

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It was a combination of Balancing PH Levels and giving the skin a protective moisturiser to sooth the irritated skin. Safe Soda , a Pharmaceutical grade carb soda is used to help balance PH which affects our health and especially skin reproduction. BEE Skin Recovery with Australian Manuka Honey adds a protective anti bacterial barrier to allow the skin to start healing itself. For more information contact us direct. As always if problems persist seek medical advice .

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