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This week we have something a little different from the Hive

I am so excited to introduce my daughter, Tiffany. We have worked together at QueenBEE Secrets over the years and I am sure some of you may have met her. Life would have been very different for my girl if she had not been brave enough to take on life’s challenges. We all have challenges at times, and it is how we deal with them that makes the difference to our lives.

Both Tiffany and I believe in a wholistic approach to life for mind, body and spirit, making us healthy, strong and hopefully wise. Tiffany is the Author of the best selling memoir Brave Enough Now and podcast host of When we are Brave.¬†Tiffany and I have always dreamt of doing a unique essential oil blend range.So when Tiffany came to me to collaborate on making a special range of products to help others feel brave, I was thrilled and couldn’t refuse.

And so Brave Hearts Essential oil range was born. Sounds familiar dosnt it, just like QueenBEE Secrets balms. Designed and developed to help others, so too does the Brave Hearts range.

With that, Tiffany has launched her very own business, When We Are Brave. Empowering people to be brilliantly brave as their authentic self, so that they may live their best and bravest life. We can all use some of this in our lives especially during these tough times through Covid-19.

So How does Tiffany empower others?

*Through Tiffany’s podcast (see link below)

*Tiffany’s memoir Brave Enough Now. A story of courage and survival

*As a Keynote Speaker helping others in ways she never thought possible.

And now through the assistance of pure essential oils to give courage, self love and upliftment

You can view these fabulous blends on

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