BEE Skin Recovery helps TSW
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Topical Steroid Withdrawal

This special story of just one young woman suffering TSW . BEE Skin Recovery was developed for a young 13 year old girl.

With a combination of different methods another young woman Noa,  has been able to slowly but surely get her life back.

My name is Noa, I’m 22 and I’m currently two and a half years into topical steroid withdrawal. I feel like anyone who has struggled with TSW, or indeed, any illness, understands how arduous the journey back to some sort of normality can be…

After the first year of withdrawal, having taken an entire year out of my life, I had begun to find some respite and healing with time, a high raw vegan diet, and a great deal of rest. So much so that I thought I was almost through the withdrawal. However, after going back to university to complete my final year and trying to balance studying with my skin (which was still a full-time job); by the end of the second year of tsw, I was in my second major flare-up, my legs were weeping and cracked, and once again, I was house-bound…I tried to continue healing with a raw vegan diet and natural skin-care, but the flare-up  persisted, worsened, and left me utterly depressed and hopeless… It was as if I was back in the first few months of withdrawal, my body, no longer my own.

Then, after relentlessly researching, I found gorgeous Karyn Pickles. Her incredibly brave daughter Meghan, and their journey through tsw left me in tears, it reminded me of own mother and I. I absolutely scoured Karyn’s blog, reading everything I could. I ordered the QueenBee balm, the InnerbalancepH and at the same time, found an article on her blog about foods which may trigger eczema which then led me to researching a ‘leaky gut’ diet, and so I also started incorporating lots of chicken soup and meat stocks into my diet, as well as applying the balm and drinking a tsp of the InnerbalancepH once a day…

I believe it has been a combination of these three things which have brought me out of that second, unrelenting flare-up. My legs are now quite smooth, painless, and the skin is sealed and has a lovely thickness to it. They still have healing to do, but are nowhere near what they were just a few months ago.

I encourage all who read this to try taking the InnerbalancepH orally, as I’m not even bathing in it and am finding results along with using the QueenBEE Secrets BEE skin Recovery balm and eating high nutrient dense meat stocks and soups with some veggies.

Much love to anyone reading this, Noa xo.

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