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Fires affect BEE Hives

With recent fires here in Australia the Bees will be affected. We will endeavour to keep stocks up for some time to come however we really need your support to help BEE Keepers keep their business’s thriving and this can only happen if they have orders coming through for what produce they still have on hand. Many BEE Keepers keep stock on hand however with hives lost they will need to rebuild their hive count and their bee colonies. This can only happen if their income stream is progressing. For those that havn’t kept large stocks the bee industry is looking grim on the east coast of Australia. Prices for most commodities will increase however we intend to keep our prices at current levels for 2020 Please be assured we will be able to supply product for the coming 12 months. Please if you can support your local BEE Keepers by buying their produce. Without bee keepers we will suffer greatly.

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