Serendipity steps in…

Serendipity steps in…
Di the founder of QueenBEE Secrets meet a lady during her recent health journey,  who had to have a full mastectomy due to Breast Cancer. She said she had been looking for a cream that she knew would help her scar tissue but couldn’t find where to buy it again and her credit card didn’t work when she went online.
Di didn’t mention what she did but serendipity stepped in and Di offered her a sample of one of her products which she just happened to have in her bag. Di placed it there the night before thinking someone may need it. These two woman had been sitting next to each other for several hours yet never spoke until leaving the venue when this lovely lady told Di her story Di offered up the balm . You can’t begin to imagine the surprise look on her face when she saw it was rapid bee repair. The exact balm she had been trying to locate. Her response was one of sheer delight and amazement. “Oh Gosh You are the QueenBEE, Ive been searching everywhere for this and so has my daughter as we know it is the only thing that will help me”. They both stood in the carpark hugging with tears of joy whilst others drove past wondering what on earth was happening. Tears of Joy and Gratitude.
Life is Good!

Poetry & Potions will be launched this month . We will be gifting it to others going through Breast Cancer. If you are or know someone on this journey please contact us so we can make sure they receive this little natural perfume with beautiful words of love and encouragement. Live to Love.

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