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Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome

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Megans story was published some 12 months ago and we are pleased to say Megan is still free of TSW today , 1 year on.

I want to share a story with you about a girl who has the strongest mindset I have ever met in someone so young, this girl is called Meghan and I have the privilege to say that this amazing 13 year old is my daughter.

Meghan has battled eczema all of her life and so has lived in a world of wet wraps, chemical laden lotions, steroids and a never ending itch cycle which if anyone reading this has experienced or watched a love one suffer with, then you will know the Hell that it is, however, just as we thought her skin could not get any worse the unthinkable happened, her skin became addicted to topical steroids, the dermatologists that we had entrusted our daughters life with for 13 years had given her had pushed these creams which were about to turn her life upside down, Meghan went into withdrawal from Topical steroid addiction, sometimes known as red skin syndrome or Topical steroid withdrawal ( T.S.W.)

T.S.W is a living hell where the skin rejuvenates every few days revealing raw skin open to constant infection, the skin rips when moved and peels off when scratched. Meghan’s bed was full of grey dead skin cells and blood and so needed vacuuming daily, plasma would ooze from the skin because the capillaries are so dilated from steroid abuse so much so that the plasma leaks through the skin leaving it even more open to infection. Meghan endured the worst pain of her life which no cream, naturopath or medical specialist could relieve, in fact all the specialists and doctors wanted to do was push more steroids.

The pain went on for months and months and instead of getting better, it actually got worse, Meghan was pulled out of school because she could not even walk without her skin ripping, then whilst on her journey, two miracles happened, the first was ‘Queen Bee balm’.

A good friend of mine offered me a Queen bee balm to try on Meghan, I took it, and as the many other creams had made no difference to Meghan I believed that this would just be another waste of money, but as soon as Meghan applied it she almost melted into her chair and said “Oh Mum, my skin feels so soothed” She smiled and the stress that was ingrained in her little face lifted, she applied it everywhere and stood up and even did a jig, she said the tightness in her skin was eased and the pain had lessened in only one application, we had tried other chemical free ointments and although they did make a difference, they stung like crazy, Meghan would scream every time but the ‘Queen bee balm’ did everything she had longed for, She was soothed and her skin was kept way more moisturized than any thing else that she had used and stayed moist for so much longer enabling the skin to move without tearing, we had found the perfect product to keep her as comfortable as possible. We soon contacted Diane at Queenbee balm to thank her and after discussing Meghans journey Diane decided to devise a new balm for Meghan which would suit Meghan’s needs further. Diane perfected a balm which included Manuka honey and other pure natural ingredients, the balm was much softer and easier to glide on Meghan’s very damaged skin and the healing properties soothed Meghan even more helping her get through the day so much easier.

Meghan kept using her specifically tailored balm which had very soothing results and some healing and I truly believe that if Meghan had only had the challenges of eczema then this may have sufficed but the TSW was still very problematic as she was dealing with internal issues caused by the steroids and not just the skin which caused her to loose 3 terms out of school, we just had to be patient and wait for it to pass as through our research we were told it could take up to 3 years.. And in the meantime we were lucky enough to have the balm to keep her comfortable.

Within a few months, our second miracle happened, I met a lady whom had alkalized her body which was riddled with cancer with a high grade medical grade bi-carb soda  as a result her body had repaired itself, we knew Meghan’s body was sitting at the wrong ph level from tests which many with chronic conditions are and so decided to combine the balm with the Bi carb Soda and  work from the inside out.

Meghan took her first ‘Soda’ bath and after following with the Queenbee balm we saw results within 12 hours, we had found the perfect combination, Meghan went from strength to strength and after only a few months is virtually fully repaired from using the bi carb soda and the balm combined.

I have now passed this method of using the two combined products forward to many, many people around the world, some with eczema some with once incurable skin conditions and most are having amazing results.

I believe that using the raw, natural, high quality ingredients which make up the balm has helped to soothe, calm and prevent irritation inside and out, and as so many eczema ointments/creams and balms contain nasty chemicals which contribute to the problem people are wasting money and not getting the desired results, but the balm was everything we needed and as most chronic skin conditions like eczema etc struggle with bacteria breeding on the surface and beneath the epidermis of the skin then alkalizing with quality pharmaceutical grade bi carb soda was perfect at keeping her skin’s surface clear of bacteria and viruses and her insides to the correct ph to control internal issues and as a result her body has healed itself and when combined with the Queen bee balm her skin was left soft, flexible, soothed and beautifully moisturized.

Although Meghan is still allergic to the environment ( pollen, grass, tree flowers,nut etc) and is still itchy at times, her skin is thick, plump and moist with no classic eczema crust or bleeding….. just beautiful skin.

We now wake up every day with so much gratitude in finding these two products and do you what she said to me last week;

“Mum I’m glad I went through what I did last year because now we can pass what we know forward and help so many others with these products”

It’s time to knock eczema on the head. x  K Pickles. Queensland.

QueenBEE Secret BEE Skin Recovery will be available to all in March. Call Di for any inquiries.

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Helping to find safe chemical free solutions.

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