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Koala Bear helped by our little Aussie product.


Rapid BEE Repair used on Koalas? How good is that.

FAUNA RESCUE sent us this after the devastating SA Fires.

Kate tells us Rapid BEE Repair has been absolutely wonderful in helping the aftercare of Koala bear burns due to the devastating bush fires in South Australia
“Rapid BEE Repair  is so great and helps the little Koalas calm and sooth their painful burns and we also use it on other skin disorders. Sometimes Koalas are attacked by dogs  and their immune system is very sensitive so not all products are suitable for these little creatures. We cant use disinfectants on them BUT Rapid BEE Repair helps them so much and they heal so quickly. I bought it some time back and use it all the time. It is just GREAT” Fauna Rescue and Protection. S.A “

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