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An Australian Story

QueenBEE Secrets is another great but small family run business. Commencing in 2007 Diane Elliott discovered the secrets of amazing healing properties held within her on farm beehives. Combining these secrets with her skills in the use of botanical oils Diane went on to develop a unique range of natural luxury balms. Diane has a secret supply of Bee ingredients and knows exactly where they come from. This is a very important factor when producing organic products. Balms are lovingly blended with 100% natural ingredients together with Royal Jelly , the hero of our products. We believe the human factor in producing our balms makes all the difference to the quality, energy and efficiency of our products.

Royal Jelly is one of nature’s unique gifts. It contains 10 essential Amino Acids, 16 Minerals, trace elements, 19 Proteins, Vitamins A,D,E,C,K and B Complex, Rutin, Nature’s largest natural source of Pantothenic Acid which converts to B5 and is necessary in producing new skin cell growth and antibodies.  One of the most surprising substances of all in Royal Jelly helps Collagen to work more effectively which means it is a natural anti ageing substance. This has been proven with scientists in the USA.

No wonder this small Aussie company is growing by word of mouth for the effective results attained. Nature is amazing and those that use QueenBEE Secrets are also AMAZED.

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