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Looking after your skin

It’s important for your appearance

We all want to look our best and our skin is one of the first things we – and others – see. Skin that’s not well-cleansed and well-moisturised can look dull, pale and sallow. Well-maintained skin looks clean, smooth and clear regardless of the person’s age. Dehydrated skin shrinks and deflates a little, showing up wrinkles more, and unhealthy skin can develop discoloured patches. Over time, a lack of a decent skin care routine can cause skin, especially on the face, to lose elasticity and vibrancy.

It’s important for general health

It’s not just about looks. Skin has a protective mantle that helps to protect it from the elements. Modern life throws many challenges at this protective layer – air conditioning, central heating, harsh soaps and shaving can all strip it away. This leaves the top layers of the skin prone to tiny lesions or cracks which in turn can let bacteria and viruses in. Un-moisturised skin can become irritated, leading to an itch-scratch cycle that can not only lead to discomfort, but also to infections and scarring.

It’s a constant process

Your skin is constantly replacing itself, so you need to feed and hydrate it from the inside and the outside. Slathering on a moisturiser is all well and good, but it’ll have limited effects if you have an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. You also need to protect your skin from the sun with a strong sunblock to prevent this vital organ from sustaining radiation damage. If you look after your skin, it will look after you.

A basic skin care regime

You need to clean your skin thoroughly but gently with a mild soap or cleanser, using warm water. Hot water strips too much oil from the skin leaving it dry and irritated. Harsh cleansers are also a no-no as not only do they remove natural oils, they load up your skin with aggressive chemicals. Then comes the moisturiser. You’re placing a barrier between your skin and the outside world and you’re also stopping your skin from too much water. Choose a barrier that is active and supports your skin.

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