PSORIASIS Repaired Naturally

by | Aug 23, 2021

This whole Family benefits from Rapid BEE Repair

Rapid BEE Repair

“I am absolutely in love with your products, in particular Rapid BEE Repair.  My sister suffers Psoriasis and unfortunately had it really bad, it covered her skin head to toe. She was on special medication, ointment and diet, the works and it was expensive. My sister came across your stall at Eumundi Markets in Queensland and took some home to try. It was Amazing. It took away the itch and inflammation almost instantly giving her much needed relief. Over the next few weeks her skin became clearer and clearer. Now she keeps it on her at all times using anytime she has a flare up and it helps to prevent a breakout. Needless to say I was amazed and decided to try it for myself. I now use it for dry skin head to toe , shaving rashes ingrown hairs, and on my lips. I too have sensitive skin and Break out with psoriasis and eczema. My son who is now three and my daughter who is 7 months are also mad users as they too have sensitive skin and allergic to cut grass. washing powders and such things I rub a little on and they are all good with no itching which means no open wounds. HEAVEN . Thank you so much for creating such beautiful products that are sensitive to our skin and our earth. Kind regards               A Jones.