Australian story – QueenBEE Secrets

by | Aug 11, 2021

An Australian Story – QueenBEE Secrets.
In 2001 Di founder of QueenBEE Secrets started a Lavender farm in Queensland.
Her story is one of many that have been told many times. How one women suffering illness seeks a better way to treat herself and her family.
This led Diane to study Aromatherapy many years earlier and once on the farm in Queensland she decided to grow Lavender. From this came many natural products but one in particular kept people coming back.
Rapid BEE Repair a small balm which helped her son’s eczema. Stories told by those that tried this small balm included aftercare of minor burns, skin grafts and others using this little balm to repair scar tissue let alone the everyday skin irritation of dermatitis, eczema and more. The results were amazing and Diane had no idea just how many people this small balm would help.
Today some 18 years or more fast forwarding. This small balm along with many others that have since been developed have helped thousands of people here and around the world. Why does it work so well. Firstly it is still lovingly handcrafted today.
Diane’s balms contains Royal Jelly,Jelly Bush Honey (Australian Manuka Honey) Lavender and other natural ingredients. The secret really is in how they are made and the source from which ingredients are obtained.
The same Apiarist from 18 years ago, today still supplies Diane’s much loved business. QueenBEE Secrets is about people. Helping others find a natural way to care for themselves and their families. Diane has gone on to mentor others in business over the years and spread her knowledge of just how amazing the Bees and Royal Jelly are.
The range covers 14 balms today and all have been developed after customers requests.
It truly is a labour of love and one that has stood the test of time.
Real People Real Results.