The Benefits of Royal Jelly Balms 

Instructions for use.

Using the spatula provided scrape a small amount of balm from the container and place on the back of the hand. With the other hand scoop up   the balm and soften between the fingertips.

       Apply very sparingly to the skin as you would sunscreen. Do not massage but simply leave for 1-2 mins for it to penetrate the skin. If you find it has not penetrated within 3-4 minutes you have used too much simply wipe off excess and place somewhere else on the skin.     

What are the benefits of using QueenBEE Secrets skin balms?

It's all about HEALTHY Skin without chemicals or harsh substances just natural ingredients from NATURE

QueenBEE Secrets combine Aromatherapy with Royal Jelly to create a unique Australian product.

Natural and Pure

Handmade from Australian content.

If you suffer any of the following please scroll down

Itchy Scratchy Skin      Skin Irritation             Acne 

Dry Lifeless Skin          Uneven Skin Tone     Blotchy Blemishes

Breakouts                     Redness                    Premature Ageing       

Neck Tension                Muscular discomfort  Stiff Joints

Tired Aching Legs         Cracked Heels           Peeling Nails

Split Nails                       Flaky skin                 Cradle Cap             

Benefits of Rapid BEE Repair - Organic Skin Relief.
If your skin has been affected by the sun or more Rapid BEE Repair may give relief
  • Itchy, dry or irritated skin
  • Tied Skin
  •  Redness
  •  Weak nails
  •  Cracked heels.

Royal Jelly together with pure Lavender essential oil work to relieve irritation and support healthy skin.

Customers give us glowing reports every week.Just how it helps is simple. Royal Jelly is well known for supporting and improving soft connective tissue including skin tissue. Our Rapid BEE Repair balm has just the right amount of royal jelly with Certified organic botanical of Lavender included to help calm ,soothe and alleviate itch and irritation. A wonderful hydrating moisturizer that lasts.


Are you sensitive to fragrance?  

Benefits of M A N U K A Crystal Skin Balm.  (Body balm)

Manuka Crystal Body balm has been made for people that find it difficult to wear perfumes or use body products with fragrance or essential oils.  Especially developed for super sensitive skin, this balm has also been purified with crystals to take out as many impurities as possible.  The only scent is a soft subtle honey fragrance and it's natural Manuka of course.

A very rich moisturizer that helps to improve skin texture and leaves your skin hydrated for days on end. You need only use it every second day if you wish We recommend applying after a shower in the evening for best results.

This balm is useful on itchy scaly and very dry skin.

Manuka Honey - +25 medicinal grade for its amazing healing properties.

Certified organic honey - to soften and soothe skin

Benefits of BEE Radiant

BEE Radiant is our most popular moisturizing balm. Night, day and hand cream in one.

Does your skin feel dry and dehydrated even after moisturizing?

Do you suffer any of the following

  • Uneven skin tone?
  • A dry lifeless complextion
  • Blotchy blemished skin?
  • Premature ageing?
  • Redness?
  • Do you like a rich nourishing moisturizer?
BEE Radiant might just be the one for you.

Royal Jelly has been likened to the Elixir of Life by some scientists in the USA(Dr. Roger Williams discoverer of pantothenic acid).  Royal Jelly is also known to contain a gelatin substance which helps to kick start collagen. Royal Jelly is rich in amino acids, vitamins and panothenic acid which help to firm, yet soften skin texture, making skin appear more vital and youthful. Food for the skin you could say. Princess Diana, Cliff Richards and Barbara Cartland are just some of the rich and famous who swear by Royal Jelly

Bee Radiant contains botanical extracts of Patchouli essential oil which is reputed for cleaning up skin and has been used for centuries in beauty creams and lotions.

Rose and Lavender essential oils are also included to help calm redness.

Rose hip oil is also well known for helping minimize fine lines.

The secret to this balm is to use it regularly twice a day sparingly. (See our testimonials on BEE Radiant, don't take our word for it. FB)

This is a natural product and may not be suitable for all skin types. However our customers certainly give us glowing reports.


Do you suffer sensitive eyes when using eye creams?

Benefits of BEEautiful Eye balm.

The skin around our eyes is very delicate and for those who have sensitive eyes using creams can be a challenge.  

Our eye balm has been likened to silk by ladies with very sensitive eyes.

Certified organic botanicals of Frankincense, Vetitver are the premier anti wrinkle essential oils used for centuries.

Rose, Neroli and Rosehip oil are included and well known for their assistance in helping to stimulate cell renewal. 

Ylang Ylang essential oil has been added as a little extra to help relieve anxiety associated with PMS and Menapause plus it smells divine.

Royal Jelly of course is also added in an amount that will not irritate eye area.

However if sensitivity occurs discontinue use.


Do you suffer stretchmarks or cellulite?

Benefits of Body BEE Smooth

A natural stretchmarks and cellulite balm.   

Royal jelly of course is included along with Certified organic botanical of Lemon, Ginger, Juniperbery and Lavender.

There is a method to using this balm and it is simple and easy. Just apply twice daily to the area concerned and rub briskly to create warmth and friction. We suggest this method be used twice a day for a minimum of 3 weeks, thereafter decreasing use over a further 3 weeks, even if all signs have disappeared. 

This is a natural alternative that has shown great results but it may not be so in every case.


Do Bugs love you?

Benefits of Bush BEE

Many people have strong reactions to bug bites. With Bush BEE you can alleviate the itch in no time.

Royal Jelly helps repair the bite quickly and certified organic botanical oil of Lemon Scented Eucalyptus plus Lavender helps relieve the itch and sting. We say, "Don't go Bush or Beach without it".

 This is a natural product and may not be suitable for all however our customers report amazing results.

Do you want the best for your Bub?

Benefits of Baby BUZZ

Our 100% Natural Baby Balm has just a hint of Paw Paw and Lavender essential oils. No extra Royal Jelly here, baby does not need it.  NO Nasty chemicals and NO Traces of Nuts. 

Babies renew skin cells very quickly and their skin is so rich and full of life force. So we have perfected a gentle, soft balm just for bubs. Baby Buzz is useful in aiding removal of cradle cap, protecting skin from teething dribble and nappy rash. Apply daily for protection of little bubs delicate skin.

We believeBaby Buzz is a Mother's Godsend

Once again if problems persist seek medical advice

Are you tied of using lip balms with drying agents and chemicals in them?

Benefits of BEE Kissable

BEE Kissable is a soft soothing balm for lips only.Recommended for 18 years and over.

May contain traces of Nuts.

Lavender essential oil is used in this balm to help ward off bacteria and soothe cold sores.  A very gentle balm.  Some customers report no more cold sores after 6-12months. There must be something good in that.

If problems persist seek medical advice.


Are you looking for a Lip Balm with NO CHEMICALS, NO traces of NUTS, NO FRAGRANCE ?


We Left Royal jelly out of this one because you asked us to.

Pure MANUKA Honey, Cocoa Butter, Grape seed oil, Vitamin E, Unrefined Australian Beeswax and Certified Organic Honey.

NO Chemicals, NO traces of NUTS and NO Fragrance added.

Soothe cracked dry lips naturally and effectively. Long lasting  and oh so Yummy. We're sure you will love this one!

Suitable for all ages.

Do your muscles say thank you after a good rub?

BEE Active - Muscular Relief Balm

Peppermint, Rosemary, Arnica and Lavender make this a a pleasant smelling and effective muscle rub balm for

  • Tired Aching Legs
  • Neck Tension
  • Swollen Ankles
  • Joint Stiffness

Simple and easy to apply. This is a Natural product and we recommend should systems prevail seek medical advice.


Would you like a natural alternative to relax with?

BEE Snoozie - Relaxation Balm.

BEE Snoozie is a beeautiful little balm to help relax and recharge.

Lavender, Valerian, Sweet Marjoram and Bergamot essential oils make up this fantastic little balm. Gentle and calming to soothe away the daily grind.

Simple and easy to use.

Recommended for 18years and over.

This balm is NOT a tranquilizer. If problems persist see your health practitioner.







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